Wednesday 17 September 2014

Finally, A Gadget That Tests Food For Gluten!

Wouldn't it be great if you could know that your meal contained gluten before you got that painful stomachache?

Sure, restaurants and family members try to accommodate dietary preferences, but not everyone knows all the places where gluten lurks. And sometimes gluten can sneak into food despite the best efforts to eliminate it, thanks to cross-contamination.

Well, good news for anyone trying to go gluten-free: a company in San Francisco is working on a portable device that can detect gluten in food!

People with celiac disease will likely welcome this development. But even those with undiagnosed gluten issues, or gluten sensitivities, should appreciate a handy device to ferret out the devious little wheat protein that causes so many problems.

The device is called the Canary (like the one in the coal mine), and it's being developed by 6SensorLabs. Unfortunately, the Canary isn't on the market yet, but the company wants to make it available next year, for less than $150 per device.

Until then, vigilance is crucial. Keep an eye out for sauces and other potential problem areas, and always ask whether an item is gluten-free. You could save yourself a lot of pain and discomfort later on!

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