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Detoxification of the Third Eye (Pineal Gland)

Detoxifying Your Third Eye
By Estella Hoad | Rise Earth

I mentioned earlier in my post about Pre-Cleansing and Intent Setting, one of my goals is to detoxify and decalcify my Pineal Gland. I want to share this information because it is something that has completely inspired me. Here’s a little bit of background first!
The Pineal Gland
(from wikipedia): “The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis, conarium or the third eye) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.”
This pineal gland is activated by light, and it controls the various bio-rhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body’s thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process. When it awakens, one feels a pressure at the base of the brain. To activate the ‘third eye’ is to raise one’s frequency and moving into higher consciousness – all is a consciousness experience perceived through the Eye of Time or Third Eye.
While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known this area in the middle of the brain to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the pineal gland has been seen as a gateway that leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Awakening the third eye acts as a “stargate.”

Meditation, Visualization Yoga, and all forms of Out of Body travel, open the Third Eye and allow you to ‘see’ beyond the physical.
Calcification of the Pineal Gland
Most people’s pineal glands are heavily calcified by the time they are 17 years old, so much so that they show up as a lump of calcium during an MRI. Calcification is the build up of calcium phosphate crystals in various parts of the body.
The pineal gland begins to calcify due to the harmful effects of artificial substances such as flouride chemicals found in public water systems and toothpaste, hormones and additives put into processed foods and sugars and artificial sweeteners dumped into soft drinks. Cell phones are also being pinpointed as being harmful to the pineal gland due to high concentrations of radiation.

Benefits of Detoxifying and Activating Your Pineal Gland
Detoxification and Activation of the third eye can bring vast improvements of our life. An open third eye brings clarity, concentration, perspicuity, bliss, intuition, decisiveness and insight as well as:
-  Vivid dreams.
-  Lucid dreams.
-  Easier to astral project.
-  Better sleep.
-  Enhanced imagination.
-  Enabling Aura viewing, seeing energy, seeing beings, and seeing with eyes closed.
-  Clear channels and ablitly to feel energy.
A closed third eye or “Ajna Chakra” in Hindu tradition brings with it confusion, uncertainty, cynicism, pessimism, jealousy, envy and one sidedness.
How To Decalcify Your Pineal Gland
The idea of having a calcified pineal gland can be likened to a door being glued shut. Although the pathway is unable to be used while it is glued shut, it is still a doorway never the less! With constant pushing the door will eventually break open. Below you’ll find what are said to be some of the best ways to decalcify your third eye (The * indicates that they should be taken with at least one of the other things mentioned for full effect.):
- Avoid all things fluoride: Tap water, cooking with tap water, fluoridated toothpaste, inorganic fruits and vegetables, showers with out filter, red meat, and any sodas and artificial food and drinks. I know how difficult it can be to stick to only organic fruit and vegetable but it is important to start where you are and begin to make those changes where it is possible.
- Pineal gland detoxifiers and stimulants: Hydrilla Verticillata, Chlorella, Spirulina, blue-green algae, Iodine, Zeolite, ginseng, borax, D3, Bentonite clay, chlorophyll, blue skate liver oil.
- Foods: raw cacao, goji berries, cilantro, watermelon, bananas, Honey, Coconut Oil, hemp seeds, seaweed, and noni juice.
- Essentials oils can be used to help stimulate the Pineal Gland and facilitate states of spiritual awareness, meditation, astral projection, etc. Good essential oils for Pineal Gland purposes include: Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Parsley, Davana, Pine, Pink Lotus, and Mugwort (excess use of Mugwort has a neurotoxin effect if inhaled directly, so be careful!). Essential oils can be inhaled directly, burned in a diffuser or nebulizer, and added to bath water.
- Citric acid (LOTS of lemons* will work.)
- Garlic* (Take about half a bulb a day or more for a while, if you crush it and soak in raw apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice it will deodorize it. Use the leftover vinegar or lemon juice on a salad. Personally, I drink it all down.)
- Raw apple cider vinegar* (Contains malic acid. Take a lot of it. Make sure it’s raw, as that is very important. Braggs is the best brand) Everyday I fill a 1 Quart Mason jar with Ionized Alkaline water, 8 tablespoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 tablespoons of raw, local honey. This has so many benefits aside from the pineal gland!
- Sungazing (Gazing at the sun during the first 15 minutes of sunrise and last 15 minutes of sunset will do wonders for your pineal gland)
-Regular Meditation and Chanting. Chanting causes the tetrahedron bone in the nose to resonate and this resonance causes the Pineal Gland to be stimulated and when it is stimulated it secretes more beneficial hormones, and remember: these beneficial hormones keep your appearance youthful. The sound “OM” resonates with the Fourth Chakra, known as the Heart Center, the seat of Unconditional Love. Chanting OM opens you up to Universal and cosmic awareness. You can chant up to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or however long you desire to.
- Crystals that benefit the Pineal Gland include: Amethyst (wand), Laser Quartz (wand), Moonstone, Pietersite, Purple Sapphire, Purple Violet Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Rose Aura, and Sodalite. However, any indigo, violet, or dark purple gemstone or crystal can be used to stimulate the Pineal Gland and open/balance/align the 6th and 7th Chakras. Placed directly on the 3rd eye or brow chakra for 15-30 minutes a day or every other day will help to open/balance/align the 3rd Eye (Brow) chakra and prevent/remove calcification of the gland. The best exercise for Pineal Gland stimulation and health is to take an amethyst obelisk crystal or an amethyst wand, point it at the 3rd eye (point of the wand should touch your skin) and look up directly at the Sun with your eyes closed. Do this everyday or whenever you feel like it for about 5-10 minutes. The Sun’s rays will penetrate through the base part of the obelisk or the end part of an amethyst wand and beam directly into the Pineal Gland stimulating it. You can also use the Laser Quartz (wand) as well. Quartz crystal benefits every single chakra.
- Magnets. Attaching a magnet (that sticks by adhesive) to the part of your skin above your 3rd eye (located between your two physical eyes but slightly higher or slightly above the eyes) for a few hours throughout the day will also stimulate the Pineal Gland and help to decalcify it. Magnets cause the body to become alkaline, especially the part of the body where the magnet is attached. Any strength (gauss) magnet will work, but only use magnets on the head area during waking hours. The energy from Ra (Sun) will magnify the strength of the magnet’s effect on the Pineal Gland.
- Natural Entheogens (not for everyone): Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushooms, peyote, changa, cannabis, salvia, DMT and more.
Like with most things, finding a “remedy” for  something that is not quite so straight forward isn’t the answer. The search for a “remedy” in itself is a train of thought that is lazy, mechanistic, and not one in line with the specific goal here. However, what is required is dedication, time, and work. I will be implementing some of these proposed remedies as part of my upcoming fast along with beginning a regular practice of meditation and chanting… not specifically as a “cure-all,” but rather as an opportunity to take the energy my body normally uses for digestion and redirect it toward healing and development in order to reaffirm my intent for the future.
Here is a great video if you’d like to learn more:

Methods of Elimination and Common Detox Symptoms

When you enter into a detox program, your body-mind goes into dump mode as it purifies itself and eliminates its toxic built up. There may be few symptoms or there may be several. Your body will use its organs of elimination to remove toxins. You may also experience mental and emotional symptoms as the toxins recirculate through your bloodstream and brain on their way out of the kidneys.
The five major organs of elimination are the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, the lungs, the liver and the skin. As you begin your detox, these organs will begin to accelerate their respective toxin releases. Remember that the more toxic you are the more you may experience detox symptoms. If they become uncomfortable, simply back off your program a bit. Slow down or shorten your program. If you need to back off, that should be a red flag for you that you are quite toxic and really need a cleanse.  You will need to do more frequent and shorter cleanses until you can manage a detox with little or no symptomology. We will discuss a maintenance schedule later.
As a precautionary note, some of your old suppressed symptoms may reappear or escalate. Remember the body uses the same routes in illness and in detoxification. If you find yourself becoming symptomatic, check in with yourself. It is important to continue the detox and not medicate yourself. You are dumping toxic chemicals including medications and do not want to reintroducing them. Again, slow down by having a very light meal like steamed vegetables or an apple until the discomfort subsides. It is preferable to simply ride out the storm. You will be doing short cleanses in the beginning and your body-mind will soon adapt to detox sessions.
You may experience general symptoms to some degree. Mild headaches are quite common. The dull, achy types are the norm. The pain relates to toxins being dumped into the bloodstream and circulated throughout the body and brain before elimination.  Weakness or lethargy is common as well. Your body is focused on cleaning and diverts energy internally instead of for motion and strength. Achy muscles and flu-like symptoms may appear as toxins work their way out of your musculature. Get a massage.  Body temperature tends to decreased on a cleanse. So bundle up!
The lungs will release toxic gases trapped in the blood during normal respiration. In detox mode, the lungs off gas chemicals and natural substances at different rates to balance your body as the other elimination organs remove the trash. You may sense a change in respiratory rates or getting ‘winded’ easily. Take it slow and dial back on activity during a detox. You are shifting gears from external activity to internal cleansing activity. Your body needs to focus and not be overstimulated.
The liver is a major internal player. You will not notice many symptoms here either although this is where the lion’s share of toxins reside and need to purge through the bile duct into the gastrointestinal tract for expulsion. The liver converts or plays a role in the conversion of every process in your body. If it identifies toxins often times it will sequester them. Your liver is like the oil filter on your car. The difference is that your liver never gets changed. So you have to clean it internally with detoxes. You may experience discomfort over your liver area (right side at and below your ribcage) and deep within the right side of your abdomen. Supplementation, massage and manual manipulation of the liver will help reduce this discomfort. As the detox progresses, any discomfort will subside.
Your gastrointestinal tract runs from your mouth through your stomach and into your small intestines and colon to exit via the rectum and anus. The tract is one long tube outside your body. As food and drink move along its length nutrients and metabolic water are absorbed. The GI tract makes every attempt to absorb only nutritious substances and even has mechanisms to eliminate toxins quickly. The challenge is when only garbage is coming in, the tract absorbs everything it can of value. The downside is that it picks up toxins as well. If you eat all natural and organic food stuffs, your body-mind would not get toxic.

As you detox, all the gunk, grit, grime and slime begin to break free and are expelled. This means you will likely experience freedom from constipation and even diarrhea. This is your body dumping toxins at an accelerated rate. No need to worry, just hydrate. You may have bloating and gas as well as a bit of nausea. The nausea may be two fold; from the toxic release and from the change in diet. Add more juices as you can tolerate them. Give your gut a free ride with enemas and colonics. Be wise with your usage of colonics or enemas and hydrate.
One of the hallmark signs of detoxification is a coated tongue. Your tongue will get coated and possibly discolored. The more gunk on the tongue, the more toxic you are. The tongue is an indicator of what is happening all along your GI tract. This is real work being done here. As you might imagine, you will have foul breath as well. Use something natural if you are offensive. Do not use a chemical mouth wash. Chew on some mint leaves and remember when the tongue clears so does the gut. For the moment…
Skin is the largest toxic organ. Every single little pore is a possible toxic removal site. So this means your skin may get pimples, rashes or other lesions. This is a great sign that you are eliminating toxins. Once this clears you will see beautifully renewed and vibrantly healthy skin unlike you have even seen before. Don’t put anything on your skin that you would not eat. Ouch! Anyone out there using cosmetics please take note. I have a shoulder you can cry on. And while you are at it, grab a loofah or a pair of those cool skin massage gloves and starting scrubbing. Working the dead skin off and opening the pores is great for your skin.
Your kidney will handle the brunt of toxic liquids they filter from your bloodstream. You want to make sure your kidneys are in good working order. The more you pee the more you flush those toxins out and the less discomfort you will experience. There are a host of supportive herbs for the kidneys. Drinking distilled water will greatly assist with the removal of liquid waste. It will pull toxins out of your bloodstream at an alarming rate.
 With all this body talk, I would be remiss if I left out your psychological welfare. Restricting one’s diet and doing a cleanse takes dedication and will power. It can be a bit overwhelming at the onset and you may feel all alone. This time can also bring up past emotions that need to be purged as well. Let them go and know that you are doing something positive for yourself and that the return on your invest will be well worth it. Hang in there and seek supportive friends, family or organizations.
Along with the mental game, you may actually have cause for some of the other disturbances. Since the toxins will be flowing, you may experience irritability or anxiousness. Some of these toxins are excitatory and can get you revved up in a negative way. Ride it out while you flush it out. Remember the distilled water. You may have difficulty sleeping or odd cravings. Pain is technically a psychological beast and can be overridden with some practice. Try meditation, yoga or nature walks. The discomfort will subside.

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