Monday 15 September 2014

The mommy health trend of oiling away illness

Stefanie Bainum

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- There is a new mommy trend in town on how to keep kids healthy. It's known as 'oiling' among the moms who use essential oils to protect and treat their kids' ailments rather than using traditional medicines.
"Essential oils are the life blood of the plants out there," said Mount Pleasant mom, Monica Pelletier. "I like it because our family stays away from medicine unless it is necessary. We stay away from that and try to treat things naturally."
Pelletier said her switch from traditional medicine to 100 percent pure essential oils has been a positive makeover for her family's medicine cabinet.
"I know when I got into it I didn't believe that it could work as well as it does," she said. "Until I started using it I didn't realize it's magic almost."
So instead of taking things like Tylenol or Benadryl, Pelletier uses an essential oils reference book to come up with oil home remedies.
Mount Pleasant mom Christine Davis said she uses oils like lavender to help her daughter Eva fall asleep and peppermint to treat her tummy aches.
Davis echoes Pelletier's claim that the essential oil practice has transformed her family's health.
"I have moms asking me all the time, 'How is your kid not getting the flu?' 'How are they staying healthy?' and so far these oils have helped us," Pelletier said.
"It fit in with our lifestyle. We already had the lifestyle of sustainability, eating local and vegetables and fruits and staying away from processed foods, and it just fit into our lifestyle."

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