Tuesday 30 December 2014

New Years Detox All year round

New Years Detox All Year Round

A lot of us decide we're going to detox our bodies when Big Ben strikes
midnight at the start of the year, but many will be back on the old habits
before February - however, Moringa leaf powder may help your body stay
fresher for longer.

It might not stop you drinking again, but it can help to protect your body
from the negative side effects. Moringa leaf powder can do this in a couple
of ways, with the first one being its ability to stop the toxins from
attacking your body's cells, helping to keep them performing normally.

As well as that, any cells that do get damaged are able to regenerate more
quickly when you use Moringa leaf powder, meaning there are more 'clean'
cells to fight the toxins.

Moringa leaf powder can be mixed into smoothies, soups and salads, and
should help nourish and energise you, as well as detox your body and
provide greater mental clarity. 
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