Tuesday 10 November 2015

How To Cleanse & Detox Your Body On a Cellular Level

Do you have more toxins coming in than going out?

Vibrant living is all about raising personal awareness in each aspect (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships, and purpose). There is a mental, physical and spiritual side to many of the challenges we face. In that sense, we can focus on a number of ways to help transform our situations in each category. 
Naturally our cells have the ability to vibrate at a very high level. But, when we are exposed to or consume more toxins than our body can efficiently eliminate our body is forced to store the excess toxins in our cells, leading to lower vibration and dis-ease.
Due to the toxic state of most of our environments it is a given that the vast majority of us on the planet have cleansing to do on all levels. Starting to physically cleanse allows us to start receiving real nutrition again, and to realign our vibration with our natural state.
Physical Cleansing Action Steps:

1. 3-6 Liters of Pure Filtered Water A Day

If you are going to take up any new healthy habit, drinking enough water should be your first choice. Water is necessary for almost all processes of elimination and is of vital importance when detoxifying. Drinking a ton of filtered water and staying fully hydrated assists the cleansing process.
  • Buy some mason jars (or a water bottle of your choice) and always have a liter of clean filtered water handy.
  • Drink a Liter of Warm Water with a squeeze of lemon juice before eating anything in the morning.
  • Drink enough water so that you are taking at least 5-10 clear pees/day. If you are thirsty, you are dehydrated. The goal is to avoid getting thirsty.

2. 70 – 80% Raw Organic Whole Fruits and Vegetable Diet

Many of the standard foods in a modern diet are actually more harmful to our bodies than they are beneficial, and the result is more disease in society than ever before. Some of the main culprits are processed food, Genetic Modification, rancid fats, chemical growing processes, refined sugar, and low nutrient density foods. When we get back to a more natural diet of mostly raw organic whole fruits and vegetables it allows are body to begin to restore and repair the damage from many years of non-ideal eating.
  • Buy Local, Seasonal, Organic whenever possible. This will increase the nutrient density of the foods you eat and will decrease the toxins going into your body.
  • Aim to keep your overall calories from fat between 10-20% of your overall calories.
  • Create a diet of 80% Raw Fruits and Veggies. Eat as much and as many fruits and leafy green and colorful vegetables as you can in variety throughout the year.

3. Drink Green Juice On A Regular Basis 

Herbs and green vegetables are well known for specific detoxifying agents and high nutrient contents. Drinking them in a juice puts these agents in their most available form and allows for direct transfusion into our bodies systems. This is the closest thing to a refined supplement that we recommend. Treat juicing like a living multi-vitamin! Make sure you switch up your ingredients often, getting as much variety as possible.
  • Get your hands on a high quality juicer (We recommend the Hurom or Omega Vert.).
  • Drink 1L of dark green juice on an empty stomach daily!
  • Check out groundednutrition.com for instructions, more information on juicing, and lots of recipes!

4. Movement

When we move our body we promote circulation, oxygenation, and regeneration which facilities cleansing on many different levels. Walking, swimming, running, yoga, martial arts, and all forms of activity are great for assisting detox.
  • Work up a sweat! The skin is the largest elimination pathway and is working its hardest when we get a full body sweat. Make sure to replace your electrolytes when you sweat. (Celery and coconut water are great sources for this.)
  • Rebound! Jumping on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes a day directly stimulates and circulates the lymphatic system allowing for increased bodily elimination.
  • Take a Yoga or Qi Gong class. These practices are often aimed specifically at bodily detox and can have great healing effects.

5. Breath Work

Doing breath work and breathing clean oxygenated air is essential for proper detoxification. The lungs are responsible for up to 80-90% of the body’s toxin elimination when fully active, ignoring our breath is a dangerous habit! Breathing properly in each moment and doing specific breath work practices daily is an essential part of cleansing our cells.
  • Whenever you can, stop what you are doing and take 3 conscious full body breathesletting your mind relax for those few moments. (This provides instant physical and mental health benefits)
  • Look into and research breathing techniques. We recommend Trinity Breathing and any full yogic breathing techniques.
  • Weekly lengthy outdoor cardiovascular exercise (anything that gets you outside, breathing hard, and can be sustained for 45 minutes or more)

6. Enhanced Elimination Techniques and Processes

Although we generally steer clear of any unnatural to the body we also recognize that after living so unnaturally for a long period it may be helpful to give some unnatural aid to help strengthen, stimulate or enhance malfunctioning or overburdened systems within the body.
  • Infrared Saunas
  • Colon Hydrotherapy and Enemas
  • Juice Feasting or Water Fasting
  • Massage, Vibration Machines and Rebounding
We recommend a consistent transition to a cleaner way of eating suitable to each individual. You do not have to instantly incorporate all of the habits, unless you want to and it is realistic for you. These habits are goals to have in mind. As long as you are consistently moving towards them with a knowing that one day you will reach them, you are doing great. Allow yourself to transition at a pace that is overall beneficial to where you are currently residing. Cleansing too quickly can bring up a lot of other issues and can actually cause more harm to the body than is necessary. Just take your time, be patient and don’t be hard on yourself.
Incorporating all of these habits brings many benefits, but usually not instantly. First we must go through a “detox phase” that often makes us feel worse we start to feel better. This initial phase can be intense but it just simply the body rapidly getting rid of the toxins that are positioning us. It does get better, trust us! This is part of not so easy but well worth it detox journey.
Some benefits you will start to notice with consistent application the habits mentioned above are:
  • Increased longevity
  • Reduces risk of illness and dis-ease
  • Restore your natural body weight
  • Gain energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Overall increase in vitality and vibrancy
  • Builds a solid fountain to consistently and efficiently grow in all other areas of our lives
Remember, health is holistic and as the physical body cleanses so will the other 5 aspects of vibrant living. If we feel stagnation in one area it is always a great idea to look at the other areas of our life and see where else we are not in alignment.
Many of the action steps we shared in this article may seem simple, but when they are applied and focused upon diligently with intention the results they bring will transform you and your life. Start with one step or tackle them all at once all that matters is that you start and keep moving forward while enjoying yourself along the way!
Good luck with your cleansing!

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