Tuesday 3 November 2015

Superfood: Avocados might soon become more expensive in Britain

Avocado sales have gone up in the United Kingdom, leading Peru to increase exports of the superfood. 

Vritti Bansal

Be it on the shelves of Waitrose, Sainsbury's, or Tesco, or squashed as the popular Chipotle guacamole, Britain loves its avocados. So much so, that the popularity of the superfood has impelled Peru to triple its exports, which translates to a 58 per cent increase over the past year, to the UK alone.
The Independent has reported that avocado sales have shot up by 25 per cent this year. There has been a growth in demand across other parts of Europe, the US, and Australia, too, as avocados have gone from being a novelty to "more of a mainstream product".  
Production is expected to go up in the Mediterranean by 30 per cent. South America's attentions will see a diversion, too, seeing that Peru has started to have access to other markets like China.
Director of the Peruvian trade office in London, Jamie Cardenas, pointed out that avocado cultivators have been making a serious effort to increase supply, especially for the UK and China.

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