Friday 18 March 2016

15-Minute Muscle-Building Workout For Any Gene Type

15-Minute Muscle Building Workout For Any Gene Type
There are literally thousands of workout and diet plans in the world today. Some people will get great results when they follow a particular plan, but with the same level of effort, someone else will not. We are all very different, and as much as 50% of the variation between people and their physical performance, is genetic.
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This means that the other 50% comes down to environmental factors such as exercise, diet and lifestyle. FitnessGenes analyzes gene variations that can provide information to help maximize results in the gym by focusing on such critical areas as training volume, frequency, work rate, tempo and rest and recovery.
From a genetic perspective, most people respond best to low volume/high intensity training (Dorian Yates style), but there are cohorts that will respond much better to high volume/low intensity training (Ronnie Coleman style). A FitnessGenes DNA Analysis can give you information and the volume that might suit you better.
Regardless of gene type, for a quick regime that everyone can make some solid gains from; follow this 15-minute low volume/high intensity workout. Use a spotter where required. Lift 8 reps max for all sets, and adopt a 2020 tempo. Warm up, as you prefer.

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