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Cure Tooth Decay Naturally By Identifying The Real Cause of Cavities

In light of the shaky economy, people are stressed about spending - and under stress, many resort to poor eating habits with diets high in sugar. But by changing dietary routines, you can limit and avoid tooth fillings and costly treatments like crowns and root canals, while bringing more health and balance to your body.
Ramiel Nagel began investigating the cause of tooth decay after his one year old daughter developed a brown spot on her tooth. Even while eating an all natural and organic diet without any processed sweets, Nagel's daughter's teeth rapidly began to disintegrate and decay. Rather than subject her to costly and overly invasive dental surgery, he chose to find a better way. 

Through a successful cavities mineralizing program, reader feedback and four years of painstaking trial and error, Nagel's daughter was pain free with strong teeth by the age of five. She was able to eat nuts and chew on ice cubes, all without any chemicals or dental treatments. Following the same program, Nagel healed four of his own cavities and avoided the dental drill.

Nagel then authored "Cure Tooth Decay", a book based on the pioneering dental work of dentists Weston Price and Melvin Page. 

He outlines six nutritional healing programs:
1. The "best" mineralizing program for rapid tooth healing and for severe cases.

2. Dr. Price's original tooth mineralizing program that was over 95% effective on even severe cases of tooth decay.

3. Dentist Melvin Page's tooth healing program

4. The combined program, utilizing the cumulative wisdom of the most effective ways to stop cavities.

5. A vegetarian program for vegetarians.

6. A tooth decay prevention and mineralizing program for toddler's and children.
What's Wrong with The Modern Belief About Cavities
The "modern" theory of dental disease suggests that we have an almost total lack of power and responsibility concerning this condition. This theory then allows people to stay in their childish beliefs, which state that their behaviors in life have little to do with the amount of cavities in their teeth, or the state of their general health for that matter.

The modern system of dentistry has falsely led us to believe that tooth decay is caused by bacteria (identified as Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus acidophilus) and that bacteria ingest foods in the mouth and produce acid, thus causing the physical structure of teeth to erode. This theory then aims to control bacterial growth in the mouth as a treatment to prevent cavities. It can be summarized as follows:
1. You must brush your teeth all the time to eliminate these dangerous bacteria.

2. You must rinse your mouth with chemicals to eliminate more dangerous bacteria.

3. You must floss to eliminate the remaining bacteria and food particles.

4. When those three tactics do not work, you must have the bacterial infestations removed from your mouth by a dental drill, thus leaving your mouth free of bacteria.

5. When a dental drill cannot remove the bacteria and the bacterial growth progresses, the tooth root can become infected, which then requires a root canal filling. The solution to the infected tooth root is to first remove the top of the tooth and then clean the inside of the tooth with chemicals. Next, this traumatized tooth is filled with a synthetic material, leaving the inside of your tooth sterile.

6. Finally, when all those procedures fail to keep your tooth alive, from the supposed onslaught of bacterial invaders, the tooth must be removed and a fake tooth or no tooth is what remains.
By the time the sixth stage is reached, many people have spent thousands of dollars on dental care. But no matter how much money people spend on dentists and dental treatments, the real cure for cavities still seems elusive. It appears that not enough people have noticed that these methods for treating teeth do not cure the problem. Modern treatments do limit some pain and suffering, but if the basic cause of tooth decay is not addressed, your teeth will continue to decay. For the majority of us, there is another way to halt, prevent and even remineralize decayed teeth.

Figure 1.0 shows the results of a large study of about 16,000 individuals. The study was conducted from 1999 to 2002, by a government agency in the United States. The chart illustrates the progression of tooth decay as we age. In fact, the statistics for people over the age of 40 are dismal. On average, 45.89 per cent of all teeth in this age group have been affected by decay. That average represents nearly half the teeth in each person's mouth that have been affected by decay. This only gets worse. By the time the average person reaches 60 years of age, 62.36 percent of all their teeth have been affected by decay. 

Fig 1.0

If dental drilling, root canals, tooth pulling, mass water fluoridation, tooth brushing, and toothpastes were the proper treatments for cavities, then we would not see this increase of tooth decay over time.
Are we to assume that over 90 per cent of the population is not following the prescribed protocol or… is something fundamentally wrong with this "modern" approach to preventing and halting cavities?

Fluoridation is not about "children’s teeth," it is about industry getting rid of its hazardous waste at a profit, instead of having to pay a fortune to dispose of it.

Only calcium fluoride occurs naturally in water; and although is not toxic, it offers no real health benefits. Regardless, calcium fluoride has never been used for fluoridation. Instead what is used over 90 percent of the time are silicofluorides, which are 85 times more toxic than calcium fluoride. They are non-biodegradable, hazardous waste products that come straight from the pollution scrubbers of big industries. If not dumped in the public water supplies, these silicofluorides would have to be neutralized at the highest rated hazardous waste facility at a cost of $1.40 per gallon (or more depending on how much cadmium, lead, uranium and arsenic are also present). Cities buy these unrefined pollutants and dump them--lead, arsenic and all--into our water systems. Silicofluorides are almost as toxic as arsenic, and more toxic than lead.

The largest study of tooth decay in America (by the National Institute of Dental Research in 1987) proved that there was no significant difference in the decay rates of 39,000 fluoridated, partially fluoridated and non-fluoridated children, ages 5 to 17, surveyed in 84 cities. The media has never disclosed these facts. 

Several recent studies show that fluoridation is correlated with higher rather than lower rates of cavities. There has been no study that shows any cost-saving by fluoridation. In fact, dentists make 17 percent more profit in fluoridated areas as opposed to non-fluoridated areas. Nagel suggests that this is because fluoride is poisonous to the body. The constant consumption of fluoridated water (poison water) will over time, erode the strength of some of our internal systems, because the organs are constantly being deluged with poison. Our dental health is a reflection of the internal chemistry and health of our organs and glands. When our organs and glands are poisoned, they won't work as well over time, and thus people will have a lower immunity to cavities.

Meanwhile, the incidence of dental fluorosis has skyrocketed. It is not just a "cosmetic effect." Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary says: "Fluorosis is poisoning by fluorides." Today, in North America, there is an increased prevalence of dental fluorosis, ranging from about 15 percent to 65 percent in fluoridated areas and 5 percent to 40 percent in non-fluoridated areas. The widespread and uncontrolled use of fluoride in our water, dental products, foods and beverages (grown and processed in fluoridated communities) is causing pervasive over-exposure to fluoride.

Turn on the television and within minutes, you are likely to hear about a newfangled vitamin-stuffed cereal. Tune in the radio and discover that we now have fiber in convenience foods. All of this stems from the well-established fact that vitamins and minerals influence every cell, tissue, organ and site in the human system. It figures, therefore, that the mouth should also be part of the story. What is the connection between nutrition and susceptibility to oral disease?

The findings of several investigations suggest that vitamin C metabolism is directly correlated with plaque development. Groups who have demonstrated to have the poorest vitamin C levels had the most plaque debris while groups with the best vitamin C levels had the least accumulations. In other words, this can be viewed as a demonstration of nonmechanical brushing--an invisible toothbrush. In addition, poor digestion of calcium and phosphorus metabolism may also play crucial roles in the development of plaque. 

Thus, although there does indeed appear to be a convincing relationship between tooth cleansing (toothbrushing frequency) and tooth cleanliness, diet may play the ultimate role in determining the rate, if any, of tooth decay. 

It is the missing vitamins in our diet that is the primary cause of tooth cavities. Not a lack of fluoride tooth brushing, or dental visits. By consuming whole and unrefined foods, and not just vegetables, but foods not commonly eaten today, such as liver, bone marrow, unpastuerized milk and butter from grassfed cows, and more, we can reclaim our natural ability to have health teeth and bones.
Cure Tooth Decay gives readers the tools to improve their dental health naturally. From accurate theories to what really causes tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth infections, to proven nutritional programs that work. Get the truth about your dental health, and learn how to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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