Tuesday 12 April 2016

Fresh Exercises to Lift Your Butt

Amplify your assets with a simple twist on a few posterior classics.


What your glute routine is missing

By adding easily adjustable weights to the glute exercises you’ve employed for years, you’ll go no-holds-barred on your backside—just in time for bikini season. IFBB figure pro Larissa Reis is reaping the rewards from front to back. Swap in these weighted variations to sculpt your own drop-dead derriere.
Tip: Adding„ ankle„ weights „better„ targets „all „three„ glute„ muscles the „maximus,„ medius and„ minimus.

Works: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings 
  • As„ your „front „leg„ strikes „the „step, „simultaneously „lift „trailing „leg „upward„ and„ flex„ glutes„. „Draw „leg „back „to „step „and„ perform „with „other „leg.„ Repeat „for „60„ steps „(30 „raises on„ each „leg). 
  • Grasp„ the „support „bars„ of„ a„ StepMill„„ with „both„ hands „at „the„ top „step,„ wearing„„ five-„to „seven-pound„ ankle „weights „on„ your„ ankles.„ With„ StepMill„ at„ a „slow „to„ moderate „pace, „begin „stepping, „taking„ every„ other „step.

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