Monday 11 April 2016

This is The Reason Why You’re Going To Freeze Lemon From Now On!

Lemons are extremely beneficial for your entire body, as they contain numerous healthy substances, and provide useful effects in the case of many health conditions and issues.
Namely, this miraculous fruit is extremely successful against inward parasites and worms, it regulates the blood pressure, and has an anti-microbe impact against bacterial contaminations and parasites.
Moreover, an entire lemon can help your body discharge toxins and it has an anti-carcinogenic effects. Also, lemons are excellent anti-depressants and are great in the battle against anxiety and apprehensive issues.
Hence, experts suggest that you mustn’t throw away any part of the fruit: as its juice, seeds and peel are all very useful! Actually, the lemon bark has 5 to 10 times more vitamins than its juice.
Furthermore, another experimental study has shown that limonoids in lemons and in all citrus organic products in general, can prevent and unequivocally stop the growth of cancer cells, particularly in the case of breast tumor!
However, apart from these extremely important health benefits, you should enjoy the entire lemon fruit for its flavor as well, as follows:
Take one non-sprayed lemon (if you don’t have your own homegrown lemons, buy organic lemons from bigger markets or healthy food stores), wash it well and put it in the freezer (you can freeze a slice or the whole lemon).
Afterwards, when it is frozen, take it out and grind it. The lemon done in this way will acquire a new flavor, and it will be delicious for consumption, and extremely healthy for your body at the same time!
Frozen lemons can be added in your favorite drinks, soups, pasta, cereals or ice- cream.  Or, you choose!


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