Thursday 19 January 2017

This Man's Patent Could Be The One To Destroy Monsanto- Make This Go Viral To Change The World!

It is a must that you share this news, as this could change the world in no time. Paul Stamets discovered a way to take down Monsanto through the patent bestowed on him with his idea to use fungi as a form of pesticides.

Stamets discovered that some mushroom is now able to be an alternative pesticide for crops. This just means that Monsanto who is the world's current leading company who provide GMO products and pesticides for crops and farms will no longer be significant for their services. It has been a while since this company has pretty much owned the food industry with the way they dominated corporations and food productions, which are apparently harmful to people.
This man has now gained the patent and could start changing the world. He is a mycologist and he is actually quite known in his field. His patent and discovery of this magical mushroom are not just going viral, but after this news, it's the responsibility of the reader now to share it to as many people as possible.
What he discovered will make insects not harm the crops the natural way. About 200,000 kinds of insects can be kept away from crops just by using the mushroom he patented. He basically takes those mushrooms and morphs them to stop producing spores. When that happens, they would attract the insects who will transform into fungi from the inside out. It is like resurrecting those insects or as what others would say, his process kinds of reincarnate those insects to be pesticides.
This will indeed create a major revolution in the food industry if only farm owners know about this. Monsanto is earning a lot through their pesticides that they make more than $16 billion annually. This new patent would make food more real and safe. 
Thanks to Real Farmacy for reporting this.

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