Thursday 23 February 2017

9 Ways To Use Lemons For A Detox!

The world we are living in is loaded with dangerous toxins and chemicals, which negatively affect our health, and lead to various ailments and diseases.
However, the toxins we are exposed to can be eliminated with the help of numerous natural foods. We suggest the following detox method sung only one fruit- lemon.
Lemons offer numerous health benefits and positively affect our health in numerous different ways. Moreover, they energize the body and help us prevent various health issues.
These are some possible alternatives you can try:
Lemon and Juice
Just squeeze some lemon into your juices to enrich their flavor and add numerous nutrients.
Lemon and Tea
Add some lemon juice to your tea to make a tasty natural remedy.
Flavor in Food
Add lemon juice to your meals to use less salt and provide a nice aroma and taste.
Lemon Water
Add lemon wedges and cucumber slices in the water you drink.
Smoothie for Breakfast
Prepare a tasty morning smoothie by mixing lemon wedges and some lemon juice. This will provide energy, detox the body, and help digestion.
Salad Dressing
Mix some honey, lemon juice, and olive oil and prepare a delicious dressing for your dishes.
Lemon and Turmeric Paste
To remove the toxins trapped in your skin, prepare a paste by mixing some turmeric paste and some lemon juice.
Lemon and Ginger For Winter
Mix two lemons and 2-inch ginger root, and have this mixture as a shot, to detox the body, and prevent or treat common colds and flu.
Lemon Tonic
Mix the juice of one lemon, half a tablespoon of honey, some cold water, and a pinch or pepper, and prepare your favorite lemon tonic!

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