Thursday 9 February 2017

Half of Brit’s Are Still Using Last Year’s Toothbrush!

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  • The average Brit’s toothbrush is 6 months’ old
  • Only 17% change their toothbrush regularly
  • A clean start to the new year – Don’t give up yet

London, February 2017

New research from White Glo has revealed the astonishing downfalls of British dental hygiene. The research found that the average toothbrush in the UK is nearly 6 months old, despite Government recommendations to change every three months. Further still, over a quarter wait till their toothbrush is frayed and in bad condition, before replacing.

With nearly 80% (79%) admitting to not know what to look for when buying a toothbrush, White Glo are encouraging the UK to brush up on their oral hygiene, by setting new year guidelines to achieve results worth smiling about.

White Glo recommend changing your toothbrush every month, to achieve optimum sparkle all year round. With almost 90% (89.9%) of respondents placing high value on a good toothbrush, following White Glo’s guidelines will make for a squeaky clean year. 

Dr Georgios Sotiropoulos, White Glo’s dental expert, explains how this is one resolution that is as easy as it sounds. “A toothpaste’s performance is very dependent on the toothbrush that is used to apply it to your teeth and gums. White Glo understands this important link and includes a new toothbrush every time you replace your White Glo Professional Choice toothpaste, to ensure superior results and optimal year-round dental and oral protection.”
Dr Sotiropoulos continues to explain the health implications of using an old toothbrush “We don’t always know or feel when our toothbrush is no longer keeping our teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Research shows that even the best toothpastes can’t protect and clean properly when used with a worn and old toothbrush. This in turn can lead to increased staining and a higher risk of bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay.”
White Glo are calling for the UK to keep up their New Year motivation, by resolving to change their toothbrush alongside every new toothpaste.
For a brighter start to 2017, take advantage of White Glo’s Professional Choice toothpaste and receive a free toothbrush with every tube. It couldn’t be easier.

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