Tuesday 14 February 2017

How to Do Plyometric Pushups!

How to do it: One-Arm Clap Pushup

  1. Set up in a pushup position. Keep your core tight and slowly lower yourself toward the floor.
  2. Pause for one to two seconds. Your body should be just above the floor without touching the ground.
  3. Maintain a rigid core, and launch yourself into the air as explosively as possible, then rapidly clap your hands together.
  4. Instead of landing on two hands, pull one arm to your side while in midair, and catch yourself in the top position of a single-arm plank. Brace your core to avoid any body rotation or loss of balance as you stick the landing.


Catching your body on one arm requires significant shoulder stability and upper-body strength. As a result, you’ll be forced to intensely activate all the musculature around your core and hips to keep your balance and maintain proper body alignment.


Concentrate on sticking the landing before trying to increase how much air you get before the clap.

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