Saturday 2 December 2017

Flour Causes Colon Cancer!

One of the most common causes of colon cancer is flour! If you’ve never heard this before, it’s because mainstream media and a century of food propaganda want you to believe you need to eat whole wheat/whole grains every day. Over a century ago, when wheat was still just minimally processed and it was still possible to actually assimilate some of the important wheat germ oil and other important nutrients found in wheat and other grains, you could definitely still view wheat and other grains as an important part of your daily food intake.

But Those Days Are Long Gone!

Now, wheat and many other grains these days are completely contaminated with pesticides, GMOs and a slew of other toxic chemicals, they are bleached, cooked or radiated, then ‘fortified’ with fake nutrition created inside a laboratory. Yet, after all this toxic contamination, we are still fed the lie that we need to eat wheat and grains every day, even though any flour you eat today sits inside your colon for years, even decades, slowly solidifying into “flour rock”. No wonder so many people die from colon cancer because no one knows how to clean out these “flour rocks” inside your colon. Sure, you can stop eating all flour products right now, which is next to impossible for most people who love eating bread, pasta, cake and cookies, but even if you could stop immediately, what will you do about the decades of “flour rocks” already inside your colon? They won’t come out on their own unless you force them out naturally and consistently.

Celiac Disease Is One Of The Symptoms Of Eating This Toxic Wheat Or Flour For Too Long!

Millions here now suffer from what’s called “celiac disease”, and what did the food propaganda machine blame? Gluten! No, it’s not the gluten’s fault for being contaminated, it’s BIG FOOD’s fault. Plus removing contaminated gluten, leaving behind a completely dead food, is not the answer, either, because when you eat dead food for too long, that also causes cancer. That’s like removing 1 ingredient from rat poison and calling it safe – it’s still poison! You must avoid all poison, whether very contaminated or slightly contaminated because this is the only way to avoid damaging or injuring yourself further.

How Do I Clean Out “Flour Rocks” Already Inside My Colon?

First, you must eat and drink as much raw, organic vegetables every day that you can, at least for 1 meal every day, preferably your breakfast. You can also juice the vegetables for your breakfast or find a 100% organic, raw, vegetable powder to drink for your breakfast every day. The longer you continue to do this, the more “flour rocks” will expel over time and the healthier your colon will become. I have never seen anyone ever develop colon cancer after starting this change so you can call this the best colon cancer prevention.

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