Monday 4 December 2017

These 'healthy' restaurant orders are worse for you than you think!

Not everything served at restaurants is bad for you. Though we're often told that going out to eat is detrimental to our health, the actual food being served is often flavorful and nutritious. Some options, however, are more nutritious than others.
Restaurants have learned to market their meals as healthier. Calorie counts have taken center stage in the restaurant industry and many chains now feature a separately listed menu of "lighter" options. You can probably guess the types of meals that make it on those diet-friendly suggestions: Grilled fish, low-carb options, and whole-wheat sandwiches are some of the more popular dishes that make the cut.

But are these menu options really the best ones for you? Chefs and menu designers are far from being nutritionists. Often, they devise these menus simply by deciding upon a calorie cutoff, a cap beyond which they decided a healthy meal shouldn't venture. However, high-calorie does not always mean unhealthy. Some of the healthiest meals are high in calories and nutrient-dense. It's the meals low in nutrients that you really want to watch out for. That's what makes these 15 "healthy" menu items an unhealthier choice.

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