Sunday 12 November 2017

Cholesterol Drugs Found to Increase Risk of Muscle Pain, Cell Damage, and Memory Loss!

Have you ever heard of someone using Lipitor, Zocor and Crestor? Do you use these cholesterol drugs? If yes, make sure you finish reading this article.
Statins are the most common prescription drugs Americans use. Health experts wanted you to believe that statins are the only solution to unhealthy cholesterol levels.
Side effects
A group of Harvard cardiologists were concerned about the current cholesterol guidelines. It turns out that statins can cause numerous side-effects, including:
  • Muscle ache, damage and soreness
  • Mitochondrial damage
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Memory loss and other neurological issues
  • Sexual dysfunction
Researchers recognized the mistakes from previous studies, and patients received statins despite the fact they didn’t use any. This was quite dangerous, because statins may cause serious damage, and many cardiologists stand with this one.
Over 20% of all statin users experience muscle pain, damage, soreness, and high muscle enzymes. Statins contain substances that can poison mitochondria, and thus age your overall well-being and natural aging. Statins damage mitochondria and may even kill the cell completely.
Another group of scientists observed the effect of statins in overweight individuals who sit for too many hours throughout the day. Participants followed a specific exercise program, and half of them received statins.
It turns out that the statin-receiving group had no improvement in their fitness level. Moreover, those participants didn’t have any improvement in their physical condition.
It was as if they didn’t do any exercise at all. Muscle biopsies showed the energy-production capacity in the cells of these participants was reduced by 4.5 percent.
It’s worth noticing that the condition of these people got even worse.
Every statin user should know this. We will witness a serious backlash against statins in near future. Well, we have already seen some of the terrible symptoms common in statin users.
Statin alternatives.
Do a thorough Internet research, and find a healthier alternative to statins. Learn how to boost your good cholesterol, and lower the bad one. Your heart matters, so take a good care of it.

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