Thursday 30 November 2017

Health Alert: Don’t Be Tricked! Avoid These 7 Junk Food Labeled As ‘Superfoods,’

Everyone wants to eat healthy to stay fit and strong but people these days might be grabbing the wrong kinds of food because of advertisements showing certain foodstuffs as “superfoods.” It was revealed that most of these are just junk food disguised as healthier options.
People are already aware that fruits and vegetables are the best way to go if they would like to stay healthy. They also know that junk foods are the types that must be avoided since they give little or no nutritional value at all.
Moreover, junk food has always been known to do more harm than good to the bodies, hence consuming them is not a great idea. However, it is hard to distinguish which foods are junk and which ones are healthy these days. This is because many companies promote products with claims of many health benefits.
So, are those labeled “healthy” really good for people? Sydney-based dietitian Lyndi Cohen looked into few of these food items and revealed if they are “superfoods” or plain junk food.
The dietitian listed the top seven junk foods (via Daily Mail) that are commonly marketed as nutritious. She also suggested healthier options to eat whenever cravings for junk food strike.
Acai Bowls
Acai has been claimed to offer a long list of health benefits. But Lyndi said that while they really have good nutrients and contain good levels of antioxidants, it is not worth paying for. It is true that it is called a “superfood,” but even a portion size of an acai bowl is loaded with high amounts of sugar and calories.
Lyndi Cohen suggested having a nutritious smoothie instead. Replace acai with banana and mix it with a cup of frozen blueberries topped with nuts and seeds.
Rice Cakes
Although rice cakes are low in calorie, Lyndi categorized this food as an unhealthy option. This is because they may offer fast-burning carbohydrates but they do not give the fiber or nutritional value needed for healthy living. Plus, the dietician said that most store-bought rice cakes contain additives and flavorings. Go for a slice of brown bread which can be eaten with a slice of cheese or avocado.
While the whole fruit that makes the juice is healthy, drinking the squeezed juice is not good because it is very high in sugar and calories and offers less fiber to help with digestion. Lyndi Cohen explained that six to seven oranges are needed to fill one glass of juice, yet it is not common to consume seven oranges in just one sitting.
The safe alternative is not water but vegetable juice. If the juice is still preferred, the fruit should be kept to a minimum of up to two pieces only.
Frozen Yogurts
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This is one of the favorite frozen desserts for health-conscious individuals because it is the healthy substitute for ice cream. However, frozen yogurts have more sugar and do not have the probiotics (good bacteria) that non-frozen ones have. Thus, it is better to eat regular yogurt that you can mix with fresh fruits or honey.
Iced Tea
Green and black teas are healthy but this does not mean that iced teas are good for the health as well. In fact, they are just sugary drinks with no nutritional value. If one cannot avoid drinking iced tea, choose the one with no sugar added or sweeten it by adding fruits.
Protein Shakes and Bars
It is true that people need protein in their diet, but Lyndi Cohen disclosed that protein shakes and bars are far from healthy since they have been greatly processed. This means they contain additives, sugar alcohol, extra sweeteners, and flavorings.
For dieters, this food will only add calories and will not help with weight loss. If one wants to get protein, go for wholesome snacks such as boiled eggs, milk, fish, lean meat, nuts and seeds, and cottage cheese or ricotta.
Sugar-free gum, Candies, and Diet Drinks
People usually chew on them to suppress appetite for biscuits or sweets but in truth, they just increase the cravings for sugars. Additionally, they may be low in calories but highly likely to stimulate the appetite for sweets, so it is not good to have them. Go for fruits instead to satisfy cravings for sweets.
Finally, there are still lots of junk food disguised as healthy, and other examples are listed in Fitness Magazine. Health buffs should check them out so they can be avoided.   

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