Wednesday 8 November 2017

Why High Quality Moringa? Video

Why choose Ankh Rah high-quality moringa over other brands?

Every batch of our moringa products is microbiologically tested to ensure hygiene is in place during processing and production, ensuring the products are fit for human consumption according to health and safety standards.

Our products are nutritionally tested, ensuring the nutrition on the labeling is exactly what our customers receive, it’s so good it’s even tested to W.A.D.A. standards and therefore is safe for professional athletes to use without fear of failing a drugs test. Many customers familiar with Moringa have testified to the superior quality of the Ankh Rah brand, in comparison to other brands, not only better in nutrition but texture, it is 100% leaf no sticks or stems not to mention the benefits.
There are cheaper brands on the market but the higher the quality the more and better benefits received, so you will get what you pay for. In other words, if this was the motor trade, it would be like comparing a Rolls Royce or Bentley with a top of the range Ford or BMW!

Ankh Rah has won many industry awards, from the Best New Product in 2013 to the Best Sports Nutrition in 2015. Ankh Rah’s products are endorsed by a former Olympic Champion and London 2012 Olympic Games Ambassador.

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