Sunday 7 January 2018

4 Superfoods Expected to be Popular in 2018!

4 Superfoods Expected to be Popular in 2018

TEMPO.COJakarta - The trend of superfoods began popular in 2017. Some of the ingredients that are claimed to have super content for body health are also widely used as a mainstay menu. Such as smoothies with granola topping, chia seeds, and fruits or healthy snacks made from vegetables, such as kale chips.
In 2018, superfoods are predicted will become more popular. The type will also increase. Here are four of them.
Vegetarian Food
Vegetarian foods or non-dairy foods are expected to become favorites in 2018. Foods that initially considered the second-class, such as tempeh, tofu, and vegetables, will be increasingly popular. Processed ingredients from wheat such as quinoa are also predicted to be consumed more as a substitute for meat texture.
Apple Vinegar
 Apple vinegar.
The liquid-shaped ingredient is predicted to be increasingly popular for consumption in various types of dishes. One of them is used as a salad dressing. Benefits contained in apple vinegar is believed can control weight and lower blood sugar levels. Those various benefits make it selected as the 2018 superfood.
Seaweed. ANTARA/Yusran Uccang
This microscopic or small-sized marine organism is considered to be a superfood. Although small, it contains many important substances for the body, such as omega 3, chlorophyll and iodine. This organism also easy to breed, thus it also becomes the hope of new food sources for humans.
Rosemary essential oil.
Adaptogen contains compounds that can decrease adrenaline and is also functioned as an anti-inflammation. Plants included as adaptogens such as rosemary, turmeric, and ginseng are believed as effective stress antidotes that are predicted to become more popular this year.

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