Tuesday 2 January 2018

The new way to go green!

Kuli Kuli Foods
Ground moringa is a great way to add the superfood to smoothies, lattes and more.
We saw so much matcha in 2017 that I literally thought I might turn green. In 2018, our green fix will be coming from another source: moringa. This “superfood,” which has been growing in popularity for a few years, is made from the leaves of the Moringa tree, which grows in the Northwest region of India, as well as the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma and parts of Africa. Its bright green leaves are dried and then ground to make a powder that has an earthy flavor, not unlike that of matcha, but with more of a veggie-forward taste. The entire plant can be used and Moringa has been touted for its potent nutrition profile.
Dr. Carrie Waterman from the University of California at Davis has been studying moringa for several years and published a report last summer comparing the anti-inflammatory properties of moringa to those of turmeric and found that moringa is more potent than turmeric.
Look for moringa in smoothies, bowls, bars, and yes, lattes, in the coming year. It's also readily available in powder-form, protein bars and energy shots from companies like Kuli Kuli. And chefs are getting into moringa, too. Chef Gerardo Gonzalez of Tribeca’s Lalito, uses moringa in his chickpea guacamole to add “great flavor but also to create the green color needed to make the dip look just like the real thing.”

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