Saturday 13 January 2018

WorkinCT: Your Fitness Network brings the workout to you!

WorkinCT: Your Fitness Network brings the workout to you
Imagine being in an office building with a physical trainer training a woman out of state, all with the help of the computer screen. A new Connecticut-based fitness service is debuting Monday, and it promises to keep you exercising wherever you are.
“This product is an online fitness service. We are taking the gym and bringing it anywhere you are. So we want to disrupt the model that says you need to be constrained to the hours of a brick and mortar of a building, a gym that may be open for some part of the day that might not be accommodating to your lifestyle,” said Guilaine Menefee, Your Fitness Network CEO and co-owner.
Have 30 minutes for lunch at the office? What about a half hour inside your living room? The co-founders of Your Fitness Network say any time and any space works. Once you sign up, you’re matched with a certified personal trainer, who will take you through a workout designed specifically for you.
“We base our program around their goals. They can use bands. They can use a lot of body weight. If they’re trying to lose weight, we do a lot of core work, which is a lot of your own body weight,” said Devone Pollard, Your Fitness Network co-owner and Chief Fitness Officer.
“The difference between us and a lot of other online companies is we’re not sending our clients anything pre-recorded. We’re right there. We’re correcting your form, which is going to keep your risk of injury really low, and we’re going to keep you held accountable,” said Pollard.
Holding you accountable is one of the main principles of Your Fitness Network. The owners say when you have someone waiting for you on the other side of the screen, you’re more likely to show up.
“There are two numbers I tell people about – 15 and 8. Fifteen percent of all Americans have gym memberships, eight percent of them actually use it. You’re not going to have the time all the time. I’m a mom, Trainer Dee, he’s a dad, and we have all these things that prevent you from having the opportunity to work out,” said Menefee.
But putting it on your schedule, it gives you more of an opportunity to keep it up and make it a priority.
“Online fitness allows us to plug in online, on video, with a personal trainer, who is right there with you and does the same thing somebody would do in a building,” said Menefee.
All of the sessions are one-on-one. Your Fitness Network offers personal training, yoga, nutrition and competition posing. Prices start at $28 to $30 per session.

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