Monday 8 January 2018

This Australian fitness trainer makes workouts look sexy

Australian trainer Kayla Itsines, 26, is probably the most influential fitness instructor in the world. 
She runs a $63 million fitness empire and has been creating a community of 'fit fanatics'.
Through her social media posts, Kayla has been helping women across the world transform their bodies with her Bikini Body Guide (BBG) workout guide and her app, Sweat With Kayla. 
She has also been motivating 8 million followers on Instagram to sweat it out.
Going by the stunning pics she posts on the social media photo-sharing app, we must add that she makes workouts looks damn sexy.
Scroll down to take a look at some of her workout pics.
Born in Adelaide, this 26-year-old was named Forbes' Fitness Influencer of 2017.
She had a penchant for exercise from a young age -- according to the Independent, 'as soon as she could hold a ball, she started playing basketball'.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Kayla Itsines/Instagram

She has been encouraging her followers to workout with stuff lying around in their house.
'A lot of the time I hear 'I can't workout because I don't have any equipment'. You don't NEED equipment to get an amazing workout in ladies!' she wrote on Instagram.

If you don't have dumbbells, she suggests you workout with water jugs instead.  

She's been getting people to love their bodies. 'This is my body -- all day -- every day. Some people may like, some may hate it, but I love my body,' she shared.

'I am proud of who I am and my body because I've earned everything that I feel today.
'I am strong. I am fit. I am confident and I am HAPPY being me and I wouldn't change a thing. 'People ALWAYS say things like 'don't you wish you had bigger boobs, don't you wish you had a bigger bum, don't you think you need to lift more or have more muscle.'

'NOPE! I don't actually wish any of those things. I'm very happy with what I have.'   

As she trains her clients, she has also been uploading images of their progress on Instagram. The result: women all over the world are inspired to become a part of her fit fanatic community. 

The founder of Bikini Body Guide (BBG), her 28-minute workouts have helped millions.
She loves to work out and has a fondness for taking selfies of her workouts. She has also released her 28-day diet and fitness plans. 

She calls her plan the Bikini Body Guides, a name inspired by a client who told Kayla that she 'wanted to feel confident in a bikini.' However, you will not find any professional pics of her in a bikini. Because 'it wasn't about that' for her -- it's about being strong internally and externally. 

'Do not lose sight of what motivated you to start in the first place. Workout and eat healthy because you want to be the BEST version of you... living the best life possible!' she shares. 

Everyday Kayla is up at 6 am and she tries to wrap her day up early. What's surprising is that she has been having two breakfasts everyday! 

'In a world full of skinny teas, special secret supplements, waist trainers and photoshop... focus on being the real YOU,' she adds on Instagram.  

Here's Kayla's advice for her followers: 'This year don't criticise. Don't make comparisons.
'Go into this year knowing that it's okay to have rolls on your stomach. It's okay to have stretch marks. It's okay to have cellulite. It's okay to skip a workout. It's okay to rest when you're sick.
'It's okay to take a day off. It's okay to take time out for yourself. We are not perfect -- we were not 'designed' to be perfect!
'We are here to be the BEST possible versions of ourselves which includes cellulite, stretch marks, periods and ALL!'

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