Friday 6 February 2015

5 Yoga Stretches To Alleviate Winter Tightness In Your Back & Shoulders

f you've been shoveling snow lately or simply want to keep your spine and shoulders limber and pain-free, taking time to stretch (especially during winter!) is so crucial.
Our shoulders and back can get really tight in the colder months, especially the major muscles you work if you have to shovel all that snow. These stretches will minimize soreness and increase your chances for the quickest snowpocalyticrecovery possible.
Stay warm, stay hydrated, and remember to get plenty of rest. One of my favorite asanas happens right on the couch, where I lay down for extended periods of time and get nice and cozy with a good book or a movie.
Here are five super important post-shoveling stretches to minimize your aching back and shoulders, and work out those tight, winter kinks.

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