Monday 16 February 2015

113 Year Old Man Credits These 5 Foods for His Long Life

In 2014, Bernardo LaPallo of Arizona turned 113. He was born in Brazil in 1901 and saw the world gradually change. He continued to follow his father’s lifestyle advice and didn’t blindly accept the new, potentially harmful, ways of living. Some have disputed his age claims, but most agree that Mr. LaPallo is likely to be over 100 years old and has a lot of valuable information to pass on.
Bernardo comes from a family of centenarians. Yet, he believes his longevity should be accredited more to his lifestyle choices than to his genes. His father was a doctor and an herbalist and advised him what to eat if he wants to stay healthy. Mr. LaPallo himself was very interested in nutrition and even studied the culinary arts at the famous Sorbonne University in Paris.
Bernardo is still able to look after himself independently and does a walk every day. He also makes sure that he stays mentally agile by reading and doing crosswords (and you can find here more ways to improve your brain function naturally to slow age-associated cognitive decline and improve overall brain function). He’s a sought-after public speaker and a writer and holds a conversation in a very alert and engaging way you wouldn’t necessarily expect for somebody his age.
Mr. LaPallo enjoys a balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, and he avoids red meats and processed foods. These are the five foods he holds in high esteem and believes have helped him stay healthy and active:
1. Garlic: well known for its medicinal properties that are attributed to the sulphur compounds it contains called allicin.This substance is the most prominent one and gives garlic its distinct smell. Garlic has been used for centuries to help lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol, prevent heart diseases and arthrosclerosis and it works in an anti-cancer way. For maximum benefits, eat it raw.
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2. Honey: raw honey is one of nature’s superfoods. It abounds in anti-oxidants and helps your body stay alkaline, which wards off different diseases. Honey is most famous as a healthy, natural sweetener and a remedy, but it can also be used externally, in facial and body masks that promote skin health and youthful appearance.
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3. Chocolate: dark chocolate with high cocoa content (at least 70%) can be very good for you when consumed in moderation. It’s rich in anti-oxidants and prevents cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, increasing the blood flow and reducing stress. While I couldn’t find a general daily intake recommendation for dark chocolate, it is apparent that it takes very little to make a positive change in health.
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4. Cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka is especially known for its medicinal effects (its counterpart from China and Vietnam – Cassia cinnamon – is less healthy and is cheaper). Cinnamon lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, treats inflammation and yeast infections and helps with digestion.
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5. Olive oil: this Mediterranean treat is a good source of healthy oils, as long as you don’t heat it up. It’s high in monounsaturated fats and reduces the risk of heart disease. Extra virgin olive oil is the type that boosts most health effects, so should be your preferred option.
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Which foods would top your list for their health benefits? I guess it’s hard to narrow it down to only 5 foods…

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