Friday 26 June 2015

10 Healthy Reasons to Eat Lemon Peel

Recipes often call for the use of orange zest (the peel of the orange). But, what about lemon zest?
Eating a lemon helps with cutting back on waste. Furthermore, there are some great recipes that use up the skin of the citrus fruit, such as candied lemon peel. Also, there are many, other healthy uses of lemon peels.
You can put lemon zest in your food easily, using a dried lemon peel. Dried zest gives foods and teas just a tiny bit of burst and flavor. It also has a number of health benefits.
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Today, we’ll give you 10 healthy reasons to eat lemon peel.
  1. Detoxify Your Body
Lemon is an anti-bacterial agent. It’s included in many cleaning products, because it’s excellent at detoxifying whatever it comes into contact with.
As many health experts recommend, crushing dried lemon peels into a powder and making a paste is a great way to battle acne. The powder can also help draw out impurities.
Consuming dried lemon peel zest detoxifies:
The uric acid and buildup in your liver;
  • Your bowels;
  • Bacteria contributing to malaria, cholera, and typhoid.
Many people include lemon zest when completing juice cleanses and other detoxifying diets, because of its ability to fight bacteria.
  1. Fight Cancer And Disease
Lemon peels contain anti-cancer compounds that help to prevent the disease and fight it off. The compounds found in lemon peels are known for preventing cancer cells from dividing and thus spreading. Other diseases that lemon peel zest can help prevent include:
  • Arthritis;
  • Obesity;
  • Heart Disease.

  1. Refresh Your Breath
Lemons are considered to be one of the best alkaline foods. They are great for balancing your pH levels and helping to reduce apparently stinky breath.
Their anti-bacterial traits, in particular help to reduce levels of the bad bacteria in the mouth. Besides helping reduce bad breath, this can improve your oral health.
  1. Stabilizes Your Digestive System
Most people think that lemons are strongly flavored and likely to upset the stomach. However, lemon peels
 in particular serve to stabilize the digestive system. Lemon peels can; 
  • Break up stones and deposits in the digestive tract;
  • Kill intestinal worms;
  • Improve bowel regularity;
  • Balance your pH levels.

  1. Enhance Your Metabolism
Pectin, found in lemon zest, is commonly used to help boost metabolism and decrease weight gain. Pectin is known to decrease the body’s absorption of fattening stuff like excessive quantities of sugar.
  1. Boost Your Immune System
Because lemons are full of vitamin C, it comes as no surprise lemon zest can boost the immune system. Vitamin C found in lemon peels is anti-inflammatory and able to help the body build up defenses against infections. It also helps to prevent sickness and enables the body to fight off disease more effectively.

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