Wednesday 10 June 2015

They Couldn’t Afford Formula So They Added Water to Breast Milk Not Knowing What It Was Really Doing


A new baby is expensive— the cost of diapers, formula, and baby supplies adds up quickly.
Unfortunately, one Georgia couple’s inability to pay for formula resulted in the death of their young one.
According to Daily Mail, the baby’s mother, Lauren Fristid, wasn’t producing enough breast milk. But instead of adding formula to supplement, she and the baby’s father, Herbert Landrell, diluted the milk with water.
As a result, the newborn died of water intoxication. Now the couple is on trial for the murder of their ten-month-old.
Ingesting too much water is incredibly dangerous for children under age one.
The St. Louis Children’s Hospital reports that too much water causes the normal sodium levels in babies to become diluted, which can lead to seizures, brain damage, or death. Additionally, the report states:
Breast milk or formula provides all the fluid healthy babies need. If a mother feels her baby needs to take additional water, it should be limited to two to three ounces at a time and should be offered only after the baby has satisfied his hunger with breast feeding or formula.
There are programs like WIC that distribute free formula to families in need. It is extremely tragic that this couple’s apparent lack of awareness caused the death of their daughter. But hopefully it is a lesson to other new parents that giving your young one too much water can be dangerous and even deadly.

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