Wednesday 17 June 2015

How to peel an orange with a spoon (minus the mess)

How to peel an orange with a spoon
Daisy May Sitch

Summer means maxing out on your five a-day, and you can’t beat a really good orange.
Here’s how to peel this citrus fruit using a spoon without making a total mess of your kitchen and/or outfit, because life hacks!
All you need is said orange, a teaspoon and a tablespoon.
Here’s how…
1. Score the midsection of the orange using the head of a teaspoon.

Peel orange spoon 01

2. Insert a tablespoon to the opening and work it in and around the fruit to loosen the skin (without cutting into the orange).
Peel orange spoon 02

3. Twist the skin of each end off using your hands.

Peel orange spoon 03

No muss, no fuss and once you’ve mastered this nifty technique you should be able to do it in a minute tops.
Watch and learn, people.

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