Thursday 3 September 2015

7 Reasons why You Should Take Avocado Everyday!

7 Reasons why You Should Take Avocado Everyday! Delicious Avocado & Tomato Recipe in Minutes!

The beneficial avocado has deserved its place among super foods, due to its numerous health benefits. It is highly recommendable that you include it in your daily meals and benefit from its favorable components.
Its regular consumption can supply you with a significant part of your recommended daily allowance from the same food. Besides, it is delicious and can be taken along with different dishes.

This article lists 7 main reasons why you should start consuming it on a daily basis:
  1. Low Amount of Sugar
Even though fruits are generally rich in sugar, avocado is much healthier sine it has less than 1 g of sugar per oz. While other fruits are to be avoided if you have diabetes, avocado is an exception.
  1. Supplying Essential Nutrients to your Body
As already mentioned, avocados are called super foods for a reason. They are loaded with essential nutrients needed by your body as part of daily allowance. This amazing fruit has almost two dozen nutrients including phytonutrients, vitamin C, vitamin E, fiber, folate, iron, and potassium. Moreover, an averaged sized fruit contains 81 mg of lutein and 19 mg of beta-carotene.
  1. Rich in Good Fats
The consumption of avocado will replenish your body with good health fats and will not reduce cholesterol levels. Namely, 75% of fat in the fruit is good for your health.
  1. Avocados make Great Baby Food
The good thing about the fruit is that it could be eaten even without teeth. Avocado is a complete food and will replenish essential nutrients for your child. You can give avocados to your baby as finely sliced pieces or as smashed paste or as a tasty avocado smoothie.
  1. Butter Alternative
These delicious fruits can make healthier alternatives to butter. You can simply smash the fruit and make a spread on bagel or toast, and even the taste will be improved.
  1. Fit into Any Diet
As we said, this fruit is considered as a complete food, so it can fit whatever diet you are taking. Plus, avocados can be found throughout the whole year.
  1. Good for Eye Health
Research shows that it can help slow down the process of aging in the eyes, so it is especially beneficial for the eyes of the aging group.
Avocado and Recipe
  • Avocado (ripe) – 1
  • Tomatoes (ripe) – 2
  • Lime juice
  • Olive oil – 2 teaspoon
  • Sesame oil – small amount
  • Shallot (chopped) – 2 tablespoon
  • Kosher salt
  • Black & white sesame seeds – 1 teaspoon
Method of preparation:
Slice the avocado in to small pieces and pour some lime juice over it to create a coat (1 tablespoon may be enough). Now, prepare the shallot and tomato and mix all items in a bowl. Then, add the oils and a small touch of salt. Take care for the avocado to not turn into pulp. In the end, dress up with sesame seeds. Your nutritious meal is ready!
Avocado can fit into a variety of recipes so that you could plan new delicious meals every day. You can also enjoy avocado and tomato salad. However, you should also eat fresh fruit as often as possible.

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