Sunday 13 September 2015

Effective And Free: Japanese Method For Weight Loss

Japanese have numerous weight loss methods, and all of them are simple but offer great results. Modern living leaves us not enough time for a diet regimen of regular workout, so we accumulate weight, and we our appetite rises with the pounds.
At this stage, in the lack of time and energy, we resort to magical pills and potions that will burn our fat for us. Or, we simply dream of a magic trick that will help us lose weight without any efforts.


Apparently, a Japanese doctor, Dr Fukucudzi, has found the clue for the latter. After helping people battling with their weight for over a decade, Dr Fukucudzi has come up with a weight loss method that requires no dieting, vigorous exercise or money, you just need to lie down and do nothing. Unbelievable, isn’t it?
You will need:
  • Flat surface.
  • A large cloth ( or a towel)
  • A good strap.
  • 5 minutes a day.
First, roll the cloth (towel) in the following parameters – 40cm long and 7-10cm thick, and  strap secure it from unwrapping with the strap.
Then, lie down on a flat surface – the floor or the bed, and put the towel under your low back, just below your navel.
Keep your feet in width with your shoulders, your thumbs touching and the width between your heels 20 -25cm.
Even though it may sound easy, this position is not so easy to maintain. Should staying in this position for five minutes be painful for you, steadily increase your time until you reach 5 minutes.
You must be persistent even when the exercise causes a slight discomfort, in order to get the desired results, to tighten your belly and bur excessive fat.
Note: Be cautious that while you’re doing the exercise, your bones and joints are distorted a little.

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