Monday 21 September 2015

Buyer Beware – Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across Asia

A shocking revealing disturbs the world these days. Media reports a mass production of fake eggs in China, but that is not all. This “brilliant invention” was followed by another “great” product. Guess what? Yes, it is rice. The new kind is made from plastic, so you better read the labels carefully before you buy any product.
Local media in Asia reported that the artificial rice originates from China, but other sources claim that it was first noticed in Kerala. This rice was later distributed to India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

This rice is combined with normal rice and it is sold under the name of popular commercial brands, which makes it difficult for the consumers to make a difference and avoid any dangerous product. Some consumers say they have had digestion problems after consuming a serving of plastic rice.
Artificial rice contains a combination of several kinds of potatoes, sweet potatoes and resin, known for its toxic effect on the gastrointestinal system, as experts explain. Media has also reported that this kind of rice is sold on the market for quite a long, and that it was first noticed in Shaanxi and Taiyuan. It looks the same as regular rice, and people cannot see any bigger difference.
As the office of the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry explain, this kind of rice is safe for consumption. Although they deny any of the aforementioned speculations, it is quite possible that the plastic rice has been imported in their country and it is already selling in local grocery stores. 

How can you determine whether the rice you are buying is not artificial?
Experts say that it is quite difficult to make a difference between regular and plastic rice. But, here is a simple experiment you can do. Cook the rice you have bought and you will already know whether it is plastic. 
Artificial rice has a characteristic taste that is a lot different than that of regular rice. You can also burn it to find out whether you have the real product. Artificial rice burns like plastic when exposed to high heat.

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