Thursday 24 September 2015

She Thought That a Chewing Gum Stuck to Her Throat, but Doctors Removed Something Scary!

A girl had a bad breath problem, which just didn’t go away. She flossed her teeth regularly, used different mouthwashes, ate healthy, and avoided milk.
Eventually, it turned out that it was a tonsil stones, also called tonsillolith. This is in fact a really common issue, but extremely unpleasant.
A research was conveyed on 150 people who had CT scans, and the results showed that approximately one-fourth of the test subjects had signs of tonsil stones. While no one is completely sure how they form, it could be due to dead cells, mucus and food accumulating in the tonsils by being trapped. They then calcify or harden.
Speaking generally, these tonsil stones are not so problematic by themselves. However, if they start to become larger, they lead to awful breath, sore throats and ear pain. This results from bacteria which start to feast on these and the microbes start to release sulfur as a byproduct which causes the bad breath.
If a person has had tonsillitis repeatedly, tonsil stones are most likely to occur. Also, people who have large tonsils that have lots of little spots for tonsil stones to get lodged in, are at risk for having them. They grow behind the tonsils where they can’t be usually seen.
In case of tonsil stones, you should try some mouthwashes or a salt water gargle in order to flush them out. They can even be popped out with a cotton swap or your finger.
In case the problem cannot be solved or it becomes too severe, some type of tonsil smoothing procedure or removal of the tonsils may be the doctor’s recommendation.

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