Monday 30 May 2016

He Drank This Natural Juice and His Gout Vanished in 3 Days! Amazing!

Medical experts define gout as a condition of swelling, stiffness and constant excruciating pain in the joints.
Gout usually affects the feet, especially the large toe, causing unbearable pain in patients you have it.
The causes for gout are basically excessive uric acid in the blood. This condition creates crystals in the joints and that is what causes the pain. The disease appears in overweight individuals, or people who consume immoderate amounts of alcohol or meat products full of purines.
Treating gout
First of all, make sure you visit your doctor and determine the cause and severity of the condition. Sometimes, gout can be mistaken with some body infections, so a detailed doctor’s check-up is in order.
Should you be truly suffering from gout, you will be most probably prescribed non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Although these drugs have certain beneficial effect on the disease, they are known to cause stomach pain, bleeding, ulcers and gastrointestinal problems.
No worries here, there is a natural remedy that can get you as good as new- and you will love it!
According to natural and home medicine, the cherry juice is an all-time cure for gout. Due to their content, cherries are able to regulate the blood uric acid level and ultimately deal with gout for good.
Keep one thing in mind when drinking the juice- the cherries need to be organic, without any additives or fabricated substances. Even better, start thinking about gardening and grow your own backyard cherries.
To see how patients actually feel about this remedy, take a look at the video below, presenting one man’s experience with both the disease and the remedy:


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