Wednesday 8 June 2016

JLAV Gel For Women - Hormone Balancing


*JLAV for... hormone balance*

Fluctuating hormones can leave you crying with happiness one moment before
crying with sadness the next, so finding something to keep them balanced is
vital – and that something could well be JLAV Gel from Ankh Rah.

That's because the supplement contains isoflavones, which can help your
oestrogen levels whether they're too high or too low so that you're able to
stay at a happy medium and remain in control of your emotions.

This can be particularly useful during menstruation, with JLAV acting to
reduce or eliminate symptoms associated with premenstrual tension or PMT.
Use Ankh Rah's Sharpen the Brain product a few days before your cycle
begins and that may bring down the hormonal effect still further.

Don't let your hormones govern how you live your life – take control by
visiting and finding out more about JLAV.

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