Tuesday 26 July 2016

Brits are losing it on Twitter after being told they need vitamin D supplements!


LONDON — The government announced Thursday that all Brits should consider taking vitamin D supplements during autumn and winter to protect bone and muscle health.
Public Health England's advice comes as the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition published a report suggesting everyone over the age of 1 needs to consume 10 micrograms of vitamin D each day. 
But, not everyone in the UK is entirely happy about this news. 
According to NHS information, most people in the UK should be able to get the recommended amount of vitamin D from a balanced diet and sunlight on their skin between late March and the end of September. 
But, public health officials have warned that it will be difficult for people to meet the 10 microgram recommendation by eating vitamin D-rich foods during autumn and winter.

Brits are taking to Twitter to express their consternation at the new guidelines.
While some people were gleefully expressing that they were already taking supplements...
Others weren't quite so enthused.
Some raised some prescient points.
Some had theories of their own about the source of the recommendations.
Many criticised Public Health England's timing.

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