Wednesday 13 July 2016

The Truth Is Out: Exercise Won’t Help You Lose Weight!

The Truth Is Out: Exercise Won’t Help You Lose Weight

Exercise has always been associated when it comes to weight loss.  In this wellness generation, we are bombarded healthy meals and fitness activities despite dealing with longer sitting time at work and environment hazards of urban living.  
“Eat less, exercise more.”  We heard that before.  But studies say that we need to change the way think of the activity.  Physical bodily activities do not necessarily mean an effective tool to weight loss after all.  
For Kevin Hall, a senior investigator at the US National Institutes of Health shares that “We need to rebrand exercise. Exercise isn’t a weight-loss tool per se; it’s excellent for health, it’s probably the best single thing that you can do other than stopping smoking to improve your health, but don’t look at it as a weight-loss tool.”

Exercise not for weight loss? For what then?

The drive to change our mindset on physical activities is to understand how it affects our bodies and total wellbeing.  People should not expect that mere physical effort will eventually trim down waistline and thighs but there are also other factors that can burn our calories every day.
A Vox video explains how our bodies react on the nutrients we received.  First, the body has a resting metabolism where the body at rest initially gets the energy needed for basic functioning.  Second, during the food breakdown, the body utilizes the energy needed to break down food.  Lastly, during physical activity, the body exerts the energy needed to move and perform the action.
Resting metabolism can actually get most of the bulk in taking care of the body’s daily calories.  We expect that the exercise we religiously perform may have an impact on our weight loss journey but apparently, it does not have much control as we hoped it to be.  In fact, it is particularly difficult to monitor your calorie deficit by depending on exercise alone.  This may, however, slow down improvement instead of bringing healthy results.
Christophe Haubursin says that “While 100 percent of your calories in are up to you, only about 30 percent of your calories out in are your control.”
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