Friday 15 July 2016

How to Emotionally Heal Using Food

Today, I want to share with you three amazing eating rituals that you can incorporate into your daily life. When practiced with love, consciousness and intent, they will surely change your relationship to food and your overall outlook towards yourself and all that surrounds you.
In order to apply these rituals, our understanding of food, nutrition, and eating must undergo a radical upgrade, as we are called to become alchemists in daily life in order to transcend the many layers of density that we have created through our social programming.
We must enter into a new relationship with all that we think we need, including food, in such a way that there is appreciation of resonance, gratitude and exchange in that process. Imagine that all the food that you ingest is a unique expression of who you are.
All living foods carry within them the same Life Force that runs through your veins, that makes you breathe and gives you life. Therefore, all relationship is for the purpose of delight—whether money, food, nature, or another person—and the process of awakening is one of finding the balanced perception, awareness, attitudes, and emotions that makes this so.

3 Life-changing Eating Rituals

So without further ado, here the top three eating rituals that can change your life:

1. Eat in gratitude

The act of eating is a sacred communion with the natural kingdom: When you pause in gratitude for the life you are ingesting, the benefits will be increased one hundred fold. Since the plant and animal kingdom thrive through being appreciated, both you and the natural world will be benefited by this experience.

2. Apply your senses

Eating is a sacred ritual that fulfills its holy purpose only in thoughtful contemplation and sensitive awareness: You were gifted with the sense of taste, and through it, you can be inspired to sing notes from your Eternal Self. Though you may not perceive it, tones within you are never gone, they are just not fully expressed.

3. Eat in silence

Eat in silence as far as possible that the communion between you two be deep and powerful: Realize that when you eat, you are ingesting a unique representation of the Divine. There is no separation between you or what you are eating. All that you think you need to sustain yourself is something that you already have. Therefore, see your food as a reminder of the indivisible and eternal that you are.
The overall message of these eating rituals is to appreciate all the food that you eat and recognize the resonance within. This will cause an ever greater sense of wholeness from fuller expression, which will cause you to wield greater power for manifesting in this realm.
When you make the seeming mundane into a sacred act, each moment holds the fullness through which you may express deeply. Through time, you will start having a greater sense of wholeness from fuller expression, and you will be naturally drawn to those foods that express your magnificence without effort or willpower.
This is your chance to start this journey of sacred self-discovery through the act of eating. Are you ready? I’d love to hear from you, so leave your comments below.


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