Monday 10 April 2017

In 2010: Ankh Rah states “Not all Moringa is the same!”

It is no surprise at all that the Moringa is making waves in the international market right now.  Local and international brands are popping up fast these days in the UK. This may be some great news for those who are leading healthier, more conscious lifestyles. Indeed, many have ventured in bringing Moringa closer to the public.
In 2010: Ankh Rah states “Not all Moringa is the same!”
and until today, this holds so much truth! After so many years from the day it was founded, Ankh Rah has brought transformation not only to individuals but also to local farmers, communities, and the planet.  Such a wonderful holistic vision has been the guiding light of Charles Roswess.  In his personal quest for optimal health, he has discovered about the magical Moringa, and this discovery led him to explore the world – finding where high-quality Moringa truly grows. This has then brought his curious heart to distant lands where farmers intuitively know which plant is the best.
Uniquely made from  wisdom; source of satisfaction
Ankh means “key to life” and Rah “energy”.  Charles and his team believe that their dream to provide high-quality Moringa products to people from all walks of life is on the right track. Ankh Rah continues to thrive because of the energy and wisdom of these local farmers. They have received experiential and immersive knowledge passed on them from so many generations that have come before. Each product has given vitality, relief, and healing to many satisfied customers because unlike many new brands, Ankh Rah has been around for a long time - withstanding trends for its high-quality Moringa alone.

Here are some 5 Star Trustpilot Reviews
C Morris has expressed her amazement – highlighting how Ankh Rah products are at par,
I’ve tried all the products available in the moringa range, and have been using them continuously for two years now. My partner and his family have been using them for years and I was curious as to why they are always so full of energy and had immaculate skin, and never seem to get ill or stay I'll for long?? My jobs as a Head chef and personal trainer, as well as being a mum, have me on my feet and running around nonstop all day. I use to get extremely drained and run down....always breaking out in cold sores, catching colds, getting constant pains in my joints and having zero energy by the evenings. I would rely on energy drinks and caffeine to get my through certain days of the week. But with the moringa powder tablets and the seeds, my energy levels are always up. I've had three small colds in two years, and they annoyingly broke out in the months I wasn't really taking any moringa. 

My skin and complexion are 100 times better than they were, thanks to the moringa oil...that's amazing stuff!! 

The red algae has completely gotten rid of my joint pains and muscle tension....I really couldn't do without these products! 

I'm true my grateful the moringa exists and even more thankful to Ankh Rah for making these products available
 As for David, it has been life-changing:
I've been taking these products for a while now. it’s made a huge difference in my life. Skin softer, digestion working properly. More energy. Sleeping better. I've tried most of these products and settled on moringa oil as the most beneficial to me. I use it on my skin but mostly I'm drinking it. Or I put it in water and drink that. Iwant to eat different things now. i used to love really bad foods ect. but these days I eat mostly fruit and mostly everything raw. not for any other reason than that’s what i enjoy right now. The moringa oil has changed my life.
Loyal customers for many years have been keeping Ankh Rah inspired and committed to its vision of providing only high-quality organic products that truly make a difference.

Meticulously prepared for sustainability
Charles and his team go to distant lands and immerse with the Moringa farmers to make sure that more than profit, people and planet are being given value.  As an award-winning health brand, it is the meticulous preparation of the products that have kept Ankh Rah sustainable. Amid the numerous products coming and going, Ankh Rah products never grow old for those whose lives they have changed and improved. From gym goers, bodybuilders, health buffs, down to those who want to start a healthier lifestyle, their Moringa products have helped these people achieve their aspired wellness. These products have been their partners in managing stress, improving eating habits, and developing discipline in living better towards optimal health.

After seven years, Ankh Rah stands proud as they undoubtedly keeps on proving that ‘not all Moringa is the same’.
We are inviting you to join us in our mission for as little as £5 to £100 to help us reach our goal of £5,000 to improve production and distribution of this near essential food supplement. In exchange for your investment we will issue several exciting rewards to all who make a pledge, so please do check on our campaign page for details. And please share our campaign with your family and friends:  - let’s spread the word and grow a healthier, happier world with High-Quality Natural Supplements. 

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