Tuesday 12 February 2019

The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well - Book


Everything you Need to Know to get a Good Night's Sleep
By Dr. Chris Idzikowski
March 21, 2019- Paperback- £9.99
Improve your sleep, and your health and happiness, with The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well
Most people in the West fail to get enough sleep, which can contribute to serious health problems, as lack of sleep is not just a matter of feeling tired. Recent research has shown that it is associated with serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. The big question is, what can we do to get not just more sleep, but better quality sleep?
In The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well Professor Chris Idzikowski- one of the world’s leading sleep experts- reveals his wisdom in a down-to-earth and reassuring way, and answers four basic questions: What is sleep? What is dreaming? What is tiredness? What is fatigue?
Dr. Idzikowski takes a fascinating look at how social and environmental factors have affected the human sleep experience. He explores what science has made of sleep, in a friendly, easy-to-follow style. Most crucially, he gives extensive advice on how to manage your sleep, whatever your particular circumstances or needs. Sleep problems including insomnia, breathing disorders, circadian clock disorders, nightmares, and movement disorders are covered, along with specific advice for workers, parents, drivers and flyers, as well as for dreamers and problem-solvers, and the changing requirements for sleep as we age.  
With expert advice on sleeping positions, napping, snoring, beds, bedrooms, pre-sleep rituals, sleeping pills and more, this book offers effective ways to improve your sleep by easy lifestyle changes and simple, natural techniques.
Reading this book, and acting on its advice, could be the single best thing most people can do to boost their health and wellbeing.
About the author:
Dr Chris Idzikowski, BSc, PhD, FBPsS, is Director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and the Edinburgh Sleep Centre. A leading expert on sleep disorders, he has served as Chairman of the British Sleep Society and the Royal Society of Medicine Forum on sleep problems. Dr Idzikowski has also sat on the boards of the European Sleep Research Society and the US Sleep Research Society. He is the author of four books, including Learn to Sleep Well (Watkins).

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