Wednesday 15 April 2015

The Health Food Industry’s Best Kept Secret

We all want to feel better and live longer.
 Yet we’re constantly being bombarded with conflicting advice regarding health and wellbeing. Fad diets often lead to weight gain. Contemporary therapies may prove costly, inefficient and inconvenient. Isn’t it about time we all hit upon something simple, affordable and effective? Isn’t it about time we found something nourishing and natural, something which actually works?

The answer may be found in Moringa – a lush, flowering plant that has been celebrated in the subtropics for centuries. According to Indian charity Trees for Life, Moringa contains 7 times as much vitamin C as the same quantity of oranges, 4 times more vitamin A than carrots, 4 times as much calcium as is found in fresh cows’ milk and 3 times more potassium than is present in ripe bananas.  In 2008, Moringa was even named “plant of the year” by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), who advocate its use as a nutritional supplement.

But if it’s so good, why haven’t you heard of it? 

Why you’re unlikely to have heard of Moringa
The reason you may not have heard of Moringa is directly related to its health-giving properties. As well as a high nutritional content, Moringa boasts an impressive array of medicinal uses, and has been used in the subcontinent to treat a variety of common ailments for centuries. In Pakistan and India, for example, Moringa is considered one of the richest sources of nutrients often lacking in people’s diets, and consuming it is said to support heart health, weight management and promote better eyesight.

Since the sale of vitamins and supplements is big business, when it comes to Moringa, the pharmaceutical industry is keen to keep you in the dark. Yet for twenty years, The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been studying and using Moringa as low cost health enhancer in some of the world’s poorest nations, and in April 2008, according to its own website, WHO staged an event in France entitled “Moringa, the Life Tree”, which sought to promote the production and consumption of this miracle plant. Today, Moringa is taken by world class athletes, who happily ingest large doses in order to maintain clarity and focus as well as gain energy.

Give your body what it needs
As top athletes are well aware, if you want your body to function at its peak, you need to fuel it with the vitamins and nutrients it requires.
Since many of us depend upon convenience and processed foods, we’re not always imbibing the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to thrive. Poor nutrition can diminish our ability to fight off illness and infection, as well as leaving us feeling sluggish and unfocussed. Simply put, if you want to feel and look healthier, you need to make sure you’re ingesting the sorts of foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, foods like Moringa.

What you need to know about Moringa 
Moringa is unusually nutrient dense and every part of the Moringa plant – its leaves, roots, stem, and bark – can be used, be it to support milk production among breastfeeding mothers (WHO), to help balance an individual’s sugar levels, to aid kidney and liver function, or to beautify the hair and skin.
Traditionally, Moringa has also been prized for its antibiotic properties, and has been used around the globe to help counter infection and illness. Long before scientists began researching this nutrient-dense, tropical plant, the benefits of Moringa were known by those who grew and consumed “the miracle tree” and passed on knowledge of its healing properties.

Today, both federal health agencies and three non-governmental charities, Trees for Life, Church World Service and Educational Concerns for Hunger Organisation, promote Moringa as “natural nutrition”.
Rich in antioxidants, and free from any known side effects, Moringa can be eaten fresh, in soups and stews. However, the majority of UK Moringa devotees (of which there are a growing number) favour supplements, seeds and powders, which are more readily available and boast a longer shelf life.
Moringa oil’s soothing, softening qualities also make it an important ingredient in many soaps and body oils, which can be applied daily for smoother, more younger-looking skin.

Why Ankh Rah Supplements?
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