Friday 8 January 2016

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Lychee Fruit


Lychee is a sweet and very fragrant fruit that tastes as good as it is beneficial for our health. It is a valuable source of Polyphenols that make it a reliable and highly recommended antioxidant. It also contains a composition of minerals that make it an excellent fuel for a staggering number of processes in the body.
1) Preventing Cancer
Lychee contains flavonoids that are very effective for fighting cancer. In addition to flavonoids, lychee also contains Quercitin and kaempferol which may help in reducing the spread of cancer cells.

2) Protection from Free Radicals
Lychee contains a good amount of antioxidant Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex and phytonutrient flavonoids. Antioxidants are required to protect the body from oxidative stress. High oxidative stress is caused due to pollution and UV radiation. This process creates free radicals from oxygen molecules. These free radicals destroy normal cell DNA and change the function of cells to form cancer cells. But antioxidants neutralize these free radicals and acts as a shield to protect cells from damage.

3) Maintaining a Healthy Heart
Lychee is rich in polyphenols which can improve heart health. In addition, the nutrient content will also help stabilize blood pressure and heart rate so you can be protected from stroke and other coronary heart disease. Lychee contains a high amount of dietary fiber which proves the best nutrient that promote cardiovascular health.

4) Blood regulation
Lychee is a rich source of nutrients that are required for the production and circulation of blood. Hemoglobin in our blood transports oxygen throughout out body. All the minerals found in lychee - manganese, magnesium, copper, iron, Vitamin C and folate make it a complete food for blood formation, its level and overall health.
5) Improves Digestion
Lychee has astringent properties which can cleanse your digestion of toxins and bacteria that cause abdominal pain. Pectin with the dietary fiber of lychee is considered very beneficial for a bowel movement and maintaining healthy digestive system. It helps make the stools bulky and soft so that they can pass through the anal passage quickly.
6) Strengthen Bones
Lychee is a source of phosphorus and magnesium, which helps to maintain bone strength.
7) Healthy Skin
Vitamin C and high water content of Lychees is an ideal blend of age-delaying factors. It helps get rid of acne by improving blood flow in the skin so that the skin looks younger. The primary cause of ageing is free radicals produced in our body, due to high oxidative stress which Lychees counter.
8) Enhances Immunity
Lychee contains vitamin C which can boost your immune system. Vitamin C wards off infectious diseases such as colds and flu. Antioxidants in Lychee can destroy these free radicals to slow the aging process directly affecting immunity.
9) Streamlining The Metabolic System
Vitamin B is contained in the lychees able to facilitate the body's metabolic system in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. A particular component Oligonol contained in lychee has shown promising results in regulating metabolism.
10) Fluid Balance and Flushing Agent
Lychee also contains a good amount of potassium that is required to maintain sodium level. Also high potassium is necessary to maintain fluid level (i.e. balanced electrolytes). It also helps in dissolving fat from the body. The high water content of about 80-85% is also made lychee a great flushing agent.

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