Thursday 21 January 2016

4 simple changes that make popular weight-room staples better than ever!

When continued improvement is the goal, the details matter. Here are 4 simple changes that make popular weight-room staples better than ever!
Smart exercise selection is just like making smart business decisions. You evaluate the potential risks and rewards of each exercise, and you choose the exercises that offer you the biggest return on your training investment.
Looking at exercises this way helps you get the most out of your valuable training time and effort. It's also the philosophy that guided True Muscle, the nine-week training program I created with pro football player Steve Weatherford. We wanted to build a program that helped build muscle in an honest hour or less, and athleticism and grit along with it. That requires both a critical eye and an open mind.
To help show you how simple it can be to get more bang for your training buck, I'm going to walk you through four "upgraded exercises" from the popular True Muscle training videos. They're similar to some conventional moves you might be doing now, but they're also better in some subtle but important ways.
To make these as easy to implement as possible, I've also included the way they were originally programmed, with links back to the workouts. Watch the technique breakdown, and then put it into action!

You've been doing Crunches and sit-ups
You should try Ab walk-outs or roll-outs

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