Monday 18 January 2016

McDermott's Metcon Workout

Split Decision to Torch Fat While Building Your Hamstrings

What It Is
A 10-minute, five-exercise metabolic conditioning (metcon) circuit by L.A. based celebrity trainer Andy McDermott. The circuit starts with Bulgarian split squats, then moves to inverted rows and two pushup variations—incline and decline—and finishes with burpees. It is done continuously for 10 

Why It Works
The circuit is perfectly balanced with a lower-body movement, pushing and pulling movements, and an explosive movement. Chest is a focal point for a lot of guys, so the incline and decline pushup variations ensure upper- and lower-pec development. As far as the intensity, be ready to sweat. “It really sneaks up on you,” McDermott says. 

QUICK TIP: The Bulgarian split squat offers a great way to build leg symmetry. If you have a weaker leg, independent work forces it to catch up to the stronger one.

ANDY MCDERMOTT is a personal trainer in L.A. Follow him on Twitter: @andymcd23, and Instagram: @andymcdermottfitness

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