Monday 3 October 2016

Fitness For Your Thoughts!

Many people exercise to weight or improve their cardiovascular health, but what many people do not know is the awesome effect that physical fitness can have upon their mental health. Exercise releases “happy chemicals”, also known as endorphins and dopamine; these chemicals help boost and create feelings of happiness, euphoria, and satisfaction. For this reason many doctors suggest that individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and/or substance abuse should make time to hit up the gym. This doesn’t mean you have to start cranking out pushups or running on the treadmill for hours on end. Even if it’s just for thirty minutes, your body can receive the mental benefits.
The Huffington Post titled released an article “13 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise”, that wrote about the benefits of exercise on mental health. Some of the benefits listed were reduced stress, increased relaxation, help with controlling addiction, a sharper memory, and even a boost to an individual’s creativity. So the next time you find yourself feeling a bit blue, especially if you are suffering from anxiety and depression, maybe hit up the gym. Not only will it take your mind off of things, but it will truly help your mind feel better.

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