Thursday 20 October 2016

What makes a Superfood super?

brussels sprouts 2 Flickr / jules
"Superfoods" fly around in your stomach with tiny capes, delivering key nutrients to every critical system in your body.
At least that's what the term makes it sound like they do. In reality, there is no legal or medical definition for what counts as a "superfood." Nutritionists and public health experts rarely use the term.
But that doesn't mean it's completely bogus. In fact, there is some scientific basis for calling a food "super."
According to the CDC, which published a ranking of what it called "powerhouse" foods in 2014, these types of fruits and veggies pack a lot of key nutrients into each calorie and are linked with a reduced risk of chronic disease. Studies also suggest that people who eat more of them tend to be thinner and live longer than those who rarely or never eat them.

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