Thursday 20 October 2016

Goodbye Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Lipids And Triglycerides!

The story of my ex-professor, told a few years ago, revived my hope in natural remedies.
One day, he showed me a blood test of a patient, whose key parameters, urea, cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids, and triglycerides, were extremely higher than the normal ranges.
This actually puzzled me, as my first thought was that this patient must be already dead.
However, what was even more surprising was when my professor revealed the name of the patient, which was initially hidden with his hand- the patient was the professor himself!

In a shock, I started asking questions, about his condition, and his plans for improving it. Yet, he gave me another sheet analysis, and he told me to review the dates and check the values of the parameters.
The values were perfect, indicating the state of a perfectly healthy man. What was the biggest shock, after all, was the difference in the dates: only a month!
He also said that he does the same treatment once annually now, in order to preserve his well-being.

This is the secret that save the life of my professor:
For a period of 4 weeks, you should buy raw pumpkin once a week, and peel 100 grams of it. Then, add it to a blender, add some water, and prepare an incredibly healthy pumpkin smoothie.
This smoothie should be consumed 15-20 minutes before breakfast, on a daily basis. Make sure you control the outcome of the treatment to be sure of its effects. Moreover, it causes no side-effects as it is completely natural.

Due to the impressive effects of the treatment with this smoothie, my professor, who is a chemical engineer, started investigating the pumpkins in order to discover the origin of its beneficial effects.
What he found was that the compounds in pumpkin cleanse the arteries, and remove all LDL cholesterol from them. Moreover, they increase the energy levels and make you feel fresh and energized during the day.


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