Tuesday 11 July 2017

How to Stay Healthy When You're at a Desk From 9 to 5 (and Beyond)

Offices typically aren't environments conducive to healthy habits. From staring at computer screens for hours on end to sitting at your desk all day to ordering in food or surviving on...
Offices typically aren't environments conducive to healthy habits. From staring at computer screens for hours on end to sitting at your desk all day to ordering in food or surviving on packaged snacks, work life typically wreaks havoc on whatever healthy living plan you set out at home.
But despite the reality that most of the time your workplace is working against you when it comes to health, there are some straightforward tips for staying healthy during your 9-to-5. It will take some effort and some planning ahead (use this weekend wisely), but the benefits will be well worth it. We've covered this sage advice in the past, but this time we've rounded up our pointers in one place so you'll know exactly how to stay healthy in an office in every possible way.
 Keep scrolling to see helpful tips for how to stay healthy when you're at a desk from nine to five (and beyond) so you can prepare for this upcoming work week.
Walk Throughout the Day
It's easy to get glued to your desk during the workday. Accumulating tasks and an unending workload keeps us at our computers, with the rare exception of getting up to go to the restroom or head to a meeting. Try to incorporate brief periods of walking throughout your day. This could mean choosing a printer further from your desk, making sure to make a trip to the water fountain once per hour, schedule walking meetings rather than sit-downs, or parking away from the office so you have a bit of walking time before and after work. 
Learn why walking is the best way to stay healthy at work, according to science.
Find a Creative Way to Get a Workout
Leading a sedentary life at work and not having enough time or energy for the gym or a workout class outside of the office is a problem faced by many. Luckily, because the issue is so prevalent, there are many devices on the market to help you work in a workout during your workday. A standing desk is a straightforward option to keep from sitting all day, but there are also other options that can even get your heart rate up while you sit.
Fuel Up on the Right Foods
When you're stuck at work, it can be easy to grab a quick processed snack from the office kitchen or order an unhealthy lunch. Stocking up on anti-inflammatory snacks can help curb these unhealthy cravings and keep you in line with your healthy eating plan, whatever the workday brings. Avocado,
Add these three foods to your grocery list to be prepared when you're stuck at the office.

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