Monday 3 July 2017

Three-minute morning workout that boosts your metabolism!

It can be hard to find the time to exercise in a frenetic city like Hong Kong, but according to fitness and kick-boxing trainer Andrew Power, you can do it in 180 seconds and without using any equipment.

Many Hongkongers are often guilty of neglect when it comes to their own health and fitness. Undoubtedly one of the most frequent excuses people give is that they don’t have time to exercise. Indeed, Hong Kong is a relentlessly busy, vibrant city where many people prioritise work. However, a vast amount of time is not always necessary to reach your fitness goals.
The following workout is ideal for those who are time-poor and inactive, yet still have a desire to improve their fitness and maintain a healthy body weight.

Even for those of you who are experienced trainers, it can complement an already productive workout routine, helping kick-start your body’s metabolism each day, allowing you to burn more body fat. You don’t need any special equipment or even a lot of space. All you have to do is wake up, roll out of bed, and dive straight in.

Three-minute workout
First minute: 15 seconds of squats, 15 seconds push-ups, 15 seconds leg raise holds, 15 seconds high knees
Second minute: 30 seconds squats, 30 seconds push-ups
Third minute: 30 seconds leg raise holds, 30 seconds high knees

1. Squat: Stand with legs shoulder width apart. Sink the hips back and down, maintaining weight on your heels and keeping your body upright. Push back up to a standing position through the heels, emphasizing a tensing of the gluteus (butt) muscles as you stand. The lower you go the better, as long as you keep a straight spine.

2. Push-up: lie straight with your arms locked, hold your body off the floor on the palms of your hands and balls of your feet. Maintain this posture as you lower your body slowly by bending your elbows until you are just off the floor. Push back up powerfully to your starting position. Modify this exercise if needed by resting your knees on the floor throughout the movement.

3. Leg raise hold: lie on your back and hold your legs slightly off the floor, constantly engaging your core muscles. Keep your feet pressed together, as this allows you to squeeze your glutes a little more. Beginners can modify this exercise by lifting their legs up and down for the required time, building up to a sustained hold.

4. High knees get quickly to your feet. Start pumping your knees up and down to hip level as fast as you can. This is an excellent exercise to get the heart rate rocketing and ensure you are fully awake and ready to attack the day.
Andrew Power is a qualified fitness and kickboxing trainer who coaches students outdoors at Happy Valley and Victoria Park. Find him on Facebook: AJ Power Fitness

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