Tuesday 25 July 2017

Woman Once Called 'Thunder Thighs' Drops More Than 80 Pounds in Stunning Body Transformation

Everybody loves an inspiring body transformation story. Losing weight and gaining muscle—especially when you're starting from square one—may be incredibly difficult, but the results are also amazingly motivating. 
Today's motivation? Meghan Gilbert, a 21-year-old from Dallas, TX.
In high school, Gilbert was often bullied by her classmates who told her that her legs "jiggled" so much that "thunderstruck" every time she walked into a room. Depression and a binge-eating disorder, only made worse by the taunting she received at school, led Gilbert's weight to spiral out of control so much so that at one point she weighed north of 200lbs. 
Gilbert first started by working out in her local park every day before eventually falling in love with exercise and hiring a personal trainer. The now-Instagram-famous young model, who has nearly 45,000 followers, has since lost more than 80lbs and achieved a toned physique with visible muscle—silencing all the bullies who once put her down.

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