Tuesday 29 August 2017

Fitness trends break from routine to work up a sweat

A RANGE of new, unusual and sometimes crazy fitness trends is beckoning people to get out of their comfort zone and try something novel but no less effective than traditional fitness programs.
Anti-gravity yoga incorporates 10 silk hammocks that hang from the ceiling and participants are fully supported, more so than they would be in a regular yoga class.
Vibes Fitness owner Margie Cerato was one of the first instructors in Melbourne to introduce the form.
“With regular yoga you are relying entirely on your own body weight and strength to move through the poses,” Ms Cerato said.
“But because the hammock supports you, when you’re limited with flexibility, the hammock is a great help, especially for beginners or people who have limited flexibility. I even do anti-gravity classes for people who suffer disabilities.”
Bungee dancing has people jumping around with a harness attached to a cord running to the ceiling.
Ms Cerato is introducing the classes at her Fitzroy gym at the end of September.
“You get to engage every muscle in your body so it works on mobility, stability, core strength and flexibility while having a lot of fun at the same time,” Ms Cerato said.
Margie Cerato practises anti-gravity yoga at her Fitzroy gym. Picture:Tony Goug
LETTING off steam has become a lot easier with classes inspired by African dance halls. Tyga classes are the world’s first to combine hip hop, Afro dance hall and radda styles.
Melbourne instructor Megan Cordina recently started teaching Tyga at Body Flex in Gladstone Park.
“It’s a lot of fun but you also get results, burning about 600 calories per class,” she said.
“It combines dance moves with fitness concepts to improve endurance and sculpt your body. So it’s not just a cardio class, it really tones as well.”
Hairography spin cycle class at Bodhi & Ride.
THE harmonious union of exercise and spirituality is well known in yoga.
But Melbourne owner of Bodhi & Ride, Michaela Fellner, is aiming for a different level of spiritual energy in her wild spin cycle classes.
“Our spin classes encourage people to really let go. Take off your hair bands, let your hair run free,” she said.
“While yoga encourages people to lose themselves in their breath, we encourage people to lose themselves in their movement. 
Dimmed lights, candles, high-energy music and super-strong fans are signatures of this Port Melbourne class.
Ninja warrior training at The Compound on the Mornington Peninsula.
Budding ninjas are flocking to test their skills in a gruelling obstacle course similar to the one that is pulling such high ratings in the Ninja Warrior TV show. The Compound manager Clem Vertigan said weekend 90-minute sessions were often at capacity with the maximum 20 participants at his Tuerong property on the Mornington Peninsula.
“It’s like a big kids’ playground but with a serious side in that it makes you stronger and fitter. There is a range of obstacles or games on a path and you have to conquer them. It’s common to go back and repeat them over and over but it’s a great feeling when you conquer it,” Mr Vertigan said.

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